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Day 276
Patio Campfire
After a day of planter pickup, Jim and I relaxed by our patio fire pit. #october #afternoon #tuesday
Day 275
Packed and Ready To Go
After many flights and much thought, I bought the perfect set of luggage. The carry-on has four wheels instead of two. This mak...
Day 274
Members of McGrail
The Livermore vineyards are just minutes away from Ken and Devina's home. In fact, two years ago Jim and I rented bicycles and spen...
Day 273
Family Ties
Jim and the guys went golfing in the afternoon. Niveeta, Karishma, little Aarv, Meena, Ria, and Veneeta met Devina and me in Santana Row f...
Day 272
Quite a Pair
Devina always brightens rooms with fresh flowers when we visit. It's such a welcoming touch! --- The gold cream and sugar set was my moth...
Day 271
West Coast Hart House
It is so sweet to be visiting our son and bonus daughter. I love sitting on this balcony and seeing the windmills in the distanc...
Day 270
Vita Soup
Six years ago I had an abundant crop of tomatoes and wanted to make Tomato Basil Soup. I tried the conventional way, but that was so much wo...
Day 269
Evening Cruise
I love our pontoon -- everything from the layout, to the floor, to the just-discovered blue mood lights. Although this was the second s...
Day 268
Hi Chair!
Katie was questioned and selected for jury duty, and Dave had a late-day meeting so Jim and I watched Owen for the 10 hours they were gone....
Day 267
....Tidying Up - Step 1
I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up last year and again last week. Yes, I am an organized person, but Marie Kondo's p...
Day 266
Suddenly Summer -- Again.
Debby gifted me this swimsuit last month! It fits well and she saved me from having to go shopping. What a friend! I didn't...
Day 265
Pop-up Party Invitation
The best thing about a pop-up party is that there is no pressure. It's so casual! Yes, you don't want to miss inviting someone...
Day 264
GEMS Speak Out!
Wa fu e ad at Erie Ile's. (What fun we had a Jeri Giles.) The next night Linda told me that she and I were actually the winning team b...
Day 263
Heads on a Platter
I cut these sunflower heads to dry so I could harvest their seeds. Unfortunately, I learned too late that had I waited until the le...
Day 262
Our Bridge
Every few years the white trusses need to be refreshed. Jim sanded last week, and yesterday and today I painted. We talked about this proje...
Day 261
Creepy Crows
These crows hang out on Manito Trail by the public dock. I notice them either when I return from the fitness center in the early morning...
Day 260
Laura's Baby Shower
I drove out of the lake at 6:15 this morning and headed to Scranton. About 20 minutes into the trip, I wondered, "Did Jim remember...
Day 259
Subaru Love
I love my Forester. So much so, this is my third three-year lease . See how it sparkles after a two-hour scrub-down. #afternoon #saturday...
Day 258
O is a terrible eater. If he eats anything, he wants to check it out first then feed himself. I tried to give him chunky organic beef and veget...
Day 257
Dad's Bible
After his stroke in July, 1994, Dad was incontinent, couldn't walk, and couldn't talk. He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn't form...
Day 256
I really do like to paint. Even if it's just shiplap for the ceiling of Jim's recently remodeled shed. So far he's installed white pegboard, w...
Day 255
Simon and Garfunkel Pork
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme pork chops over a bed of kale. All of the herbs and vegetables came from my garden. #after...
Day 254
Hello Trees!
It was such a good day….after an early morning walk with Vicky, I worked in the garden, then Jim helped me plant these trees. They give m...
Day 253
Ryan's Pulled Pork Nachos
After getting Ken and Devina to the airport for an early flight back to San Fran, Jim and I returned to Katie and Dave's. So...