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Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.
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Day 924
Flood in a brewery?
Well... no. Just an usual day at Martyna's workplace. Not sure if it was just cleaning the tanks, changing the water in the coolan...
Day 923
Show me the earring
I-can't-get-up-and-I've-done-nothing day today. The day I hit the rock-bottom. And it felt a bit too deep, but it's became too fam...
Day 922
Post-homecoming depression
Is there something like post-journey depression? If there is, I got a dire hit of it. It was hard for me to get up from bed...
Day 921
Farewells are so sad
Farewells are so sad ...unless You are in such wonderful company. I really can't find words. Thank You for all Your time, for everything You've done f...
Day 920
No jumping in the lake
I think it was the fastest recovery my body has ever done. After about 10 hours of sleep, huge amount of vitamin C and some med...
Day 919
La Suisse
La Suisse Uh-oh... Last evenings temperature plus swimming in the lake plus not enough sleeping for the last few days... And my body finally decided t...
Day 918
On three!
Well... Yes. Buying those plane tickets was a brilliant idea (: Since Swiss crew love is even better than it seems from Tookapic, I can't ev...
Day 917
Église Saint-Joseph
Taking that photo was one of the best things during the first half of the day. I didn't get much sleep, had to get up earlier than...
Day 916
Spontaneous photoshoot
I'm gonna have a hard time to catch up with my photostreak, but the decision to go forward is the best I can make for now. A fe...
Day 915
The volunteers crew
After Saturday's presentation I felt completely down, so after getting up on Sunday I decided to wait until the awful mood goes aw...
Day 914
Let's publish while there is a possibility, that my internet works. One shot, fourth photo I've taken by the night and first one pointing up. #...
Day 913
The moment I screw up
Well... yes. When You're flying really, really high, when You're in a great mood for a few days in a row, when everythings works...
Day 912
Paula in the dark
It's been the first day I've actually fallen asleep. After yesterday's night concert in the cathedral I've lost my phone - it must h...
Day 911
Somewhere in the middle of the festival I've met that guy. Gabriel, who was attending SAF every year, was a kind of a good spirit. Always smil...
Day 910
The place
After getting meds for volunteers crew I went back to wandering around SLOT area, had one more yerba and went to the worship ceremony. Every...
Day 909
Cafe Kiwi
Slot Art Festival, day one. I gave Martyna a lift to work, went back home and panicked, since my plan was to depart around 10 am and I was c...
Day 908
Tramtracks repairing
It's funny, that when I'm uploading this photo, the street is already being renovated. I went to work for a few hours, stayed twi...
Day 907
Through the wheel
Kopiec slide session. My second and last this year. #outdoors #nature #evening #sunday #light #color #art #wheel #blur #bright #abst...
Day 906
Pumptrack power
I decided to upload photos only, no descriptions. It's been three months since my streak broke. Damn. I'm afraid my project is in piec...
Day 905
Skills Pay
Sebastian, one of the Hala Główna bartenders. We went for a beer and to say goodbye to Tymek, who was moving to London - and to pay our con...
Day 904
Ola D.
Ola D. I was trying to figure out how does the in-camera double exposure mode work - and I think it's one of the tryouts, cause I don't see any other...
Day 903
My favourite people
Przemek (pictured) called me about a week earlier and said "Jacek, I'm coming to Cracow for our Thursday fotojoker workshops, and...
Day 902
Sista's Not taking advantage of @kingaroo spending time in Cracow would've been a great misunderstanding! We've met in town, spent some time together...
Day 901
The guy with the lens
We came back from Izdebki! Well... I've slept for the whole trip, since Martyna was driving - and after coming home I went strai...