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viola Wow, congratulations Magda Ko! :)) I love your pics, you are so talented!

Magda Ko Thank you so much :)

Paweł Kadysz Congratulations! I'm so proud! :)

Magda Ko <3 me too, I could send up to 28 pic in few category and the last picture I decided to add got this 2nd place :) In total there was 700 pic .

Ian Prince Interesting isn't it how sometimes how one can be not the best judge of one's own work....? Great to hear how that 28th photo did so well :)

Magda Ko Huge surprise for me. Jury like that picture looks how would be done yesterday but also might be 30 years ago. Very interesting for me.

Ian Prince I'm intrigued. Can you share here which photo won your prize?

Magda Ko here you are @Ian looking forward to hear your oppinion

Ian Prince Ah yes, there is something very intriguing about the shot. If it wasn't for the surveillance camera, you could be persuaded it was taken 80 years ago. The atmosphere it conveys is really something special and original, and I easily understand how it was judged so well.

Magda Parkitna Gratulacje!

Magda Ko dzięki Magdo :)

Ewa Kudlaty Big Congratulations! You are the best:)

Magda Ko Thank You so much Ewa.

vera Wow Magda that's great!!! I'm so happy for you! :-)

Magda Ko O Yeah :) thanks

Hanna G. Congratulations Magda

Magda Ko Dziękuję Haniu :)

Ian Prince Congratulations Magda, that's great news. You're a master of wide-angle photography :)

Kazziz true to that! cheers! *raises his cup of tea*

Magda Ko Yeah this is so nice feeling and today last day of work before short holidays, happy happy....

Ian Prince Enjoy your well-earned holiday :)

Kazziz Wowwowwow! Congrats!

Magda Ko Big Thanks Jacek, all 3 was Done with Lumix :)

Ian Prince All at 7mm? ;)

Magda Ko not sure if 3 of them but 2 for sure

Magda Ko all of them 7mm :)

craig Congratulations!!

Magda Ko Thank You so much

120mr So great!

Magda Ko Yeah :))))

Satoshi T Congratulations @Magda !

Magda Ko Arigato :)

stephen_long64 Well done Mazda, what great encouragement for you

Magda Ko thank you so much :)

Tomasz Kotowski Awesome.Congratulations!

Magda Ko yeah! thanks

Dorka Wielkie gratulacje!!!

Magda Ko dzięki serdeczne :)

Artur Łobocki Congrats again ;)

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Magda Ko bardzo Ci dziękuję za tak ciepłe słowa

m_rudziewicz big congrats!

Magda Ko Dziękuję :)

Comment was deleted

Magda Ko <3 Agnieszka so nice to have your opinion, i appreciate it very much. Thank you

Katrina Yu Congrats Magda, so so well deserve!

Magda Ko Thank You Katrina <3

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