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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#6 229/365
2,054 streak
Day 2,054
Browsing the memes, hacking them pintirest. #badcrop
Day 2,053
"Can you stop with the photos already? It's been 2000 days or something. That's like freaking 40 years for a dog. Please stop." #fibi
Day 2,052
Little big dog
This is what I love about 365 projects. Every once in a while it "lets" me capture a frame like this. A photo that I can be truly proud...
Day 2,051
Got some tiny little guns to play. And it is fun, I must admit.
Day 2,050
Last minute #streakpic that came out pretty good.
Day 2,049
Just finished this nice little book about how to live longer by staying active and sticking to your values. Huge part of the book is about prod...
Day 2,048
"Too quiet" alert
Here's a brief moment of them playing quietly. It lasted exactly four and a half second.
Day 2,047
I don't think these will ever get old.
Day 2,046
Another day
Exact same spot as here:, different angle and 4 years later.
Day 2,045
Come and play
Out of focus and a bit blurred, but the sun was already gone and #fibi went crazy.
Day 2,044
Quick one along with an episode of Family Guy.
Day 2,043
Another one. I should make a gellery of all those streak pic sunsets that came out much better than expected.
Day 2,042
I'm back to writing after a long break. I missed it so much. Here's the second piece I published this morning (Polish only, sorry).
Day 2,041
We went for a nice morning walk and it was good.
Day 2,040
Living the dream
Since the #lawn is in much better shape, it's a pleasure to spend time in the #backyard. We had our first #picnic this season.
Day 2,039
I think I managed to save the lawn. If you look at the shape it was just a month ago: - the progress is prett...
Day 2,038
Well, I screwed up the composition, but look at that light! The only good thing about this day I think. Lots of stress, and even some blood toda...
Day 2,037
Another sunset
Not the best day. Not the worst either.
Day 2,036
Minimal Drink
This was not a good day. I really needed that #drink. Pic inspired by @bartlomiej and his Minimal Drinks Gallery. Lit with tv screen. Lo...
Day 2,035
Learning to ride without the training wheels. Not as easy as we expected. Both of us. Also - weird light.
Day 2,034
Evening fun
No matter what people tell you, it's impossible to convey how it really is to have #kids.
Day 2,033
My wife rushed into the room shouting, Pawel! Pawel! Grab the camera and look outside. I admit. That was one, spectacular #sunset.
Day 2,032
Love the textures in this one. We had another fire. Just the four of us. Did some progress with Project Backyard as well. The lawn looks much bet...
Day 2,031
Pushed by the wind, like the plastic bag in American Beauty. #streakpic