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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#6 134/365
1,959 streak
Day 1,959
Do not touch
Nice and sunny day today. Drove my sister to the train station. It was a good weekend.
Day 1,958
Waiting to pick up my sister. A #streakpic, but not a painful one :P
Day 1,957
Not my glass. I'm still not drinking.
Day 1,956
Movie night
We watched Uncut Gems. Nobody liked it besides me. I loved the movie. Disturbing and annoying. My kind of cinema.
Day 1,955
The only photo I took that day, a test shot. In Auto mode. ¯\(ツ)/¯
Day 1,954
Yellow chair
I couldn't resist. Took another photo of one of my cameras today. I love the yellow shade of this chair. I think I found another #streakp...
Day 1,953
Ok, that big screen TV might be the best lighting gear I ever bought.
Day 1,952
I have a problem
Step one. Admitting, I have a serious problem. I've been struggling with this for a while. Especially last couple of months. I've bee...
Day 1,951
Late afternoon at the office. Moved my desk again. Will stay here for a while. Best spot I "found" so far.
Day 1,950
Went for a short walk around the house. Took some streak pics. And yet, I really like this one. I might be slowly getting out of the rut.
Day 1,949
Tried to recreate this one: but the little guy is not yet able to focus to walk towards the camera. He is walki...
Day 1,948
Frosty morning. Took this pic before driving to the office today. I like all the lines in this one. A nice addition to
Day 1,947
Another 4-month milestone approaching. It's been 116 days since I had a beer or any kind of alcohol (that includes new year's eve). Defi...
Day 1,946
Having fun in the bath. Good time.
Day 1,945
Back to #playing the Witcher 3 on #ps4.
Day 1,944
Click click
Moved my desk to a spot with much better light. It was a good decision. Here's a bizarre fact about the Keychron 2 keyboard I got back in...
Day 1,943
I took my older son to visit robot exhibition. We had fun controlling all the robots with our eyes, voices, gestures, etc. Unfortunately the ven...
Day 1,942
Played some Rayman game on the Switch. Overall, I probably spent more time in that game than any of the PS4 games. So fun, colorful, and someti...
Day 1,941
New band
Got a new band for the #watch. With all the exercise, the silicon one was getting too sweaty. This pic came out better than I expected. I use...
Day 1,940
The struggle is real. It's been yet another weird week for me. Lost focus. Need to get it back asap.
Day 1,939
Got a SD to lighting dongle to get the photos from camera onto the phone quicker. WiFi is nice, but so slow and painful to set up every time. Th...
Day 1,938
4 months
Another milestone. 120 days of daily exercise. It became a real habit now. It's easier to do it than to skip it. So I guess I'm going to cont...
Day 1,937
Look! A non-streak photo! Our older son got new #sunglasses. We had to do a #photoshoot. Took some really cool portraits. I had trouble choosing...
Day 1,936
Made to stick
I absolutely love books by Dan & Chip Heath. This one is yet another great one. #readingnow. I recently finished a big project so I have...