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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
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Day 1,746
Golden hour fun
Spent a nice family afternoon in the #backyard. Shot some really nice pictures during the #goldenhour. I almost regret we can only pos...
Day 1,745
Hurt so much to eat that (due to the surgery), but it was worth it :P
Day 1,744
Back to Panasonic and M.Zuiko 45mm.
Day 1,743
I lived
The procedure took like 6 minutes. But I had to wait for 5,5 hours to get it. I lived. I’m a bit swollen and can’t talk. I wonder for how long...
Day 1,742
Birthday cupcake
We're celebrating my 33rd birthday one day earlier. Just the four of us + Fibi, obviously. I'm having a minor surgery tomorrow mornin...
Day 1,741
4 months
First two teeth are out. He broke his brother's record. Having a blast in the bath. Good photo.
Day 1,740
The Practicing Mind
Got some early birthday presents. And also this is how you "cheat" Tookapic's one-photo-a-day limit. Here's a family pic and #radi...
Day 1,739
I don't even...
I have no idea what is going on in this picture. I briefly peeked to see why it was so quiet. I was not disappointed.
Day 1,738
Balloon Fiesta continues. They'll be flying over our region the whole weekend. If you look closely, you'll spot some balloons in the backgro...
Day 1,737
We went to a hot-air #balloon fiesta. Watched few take-offs from really close. This pic. I like it a lot. I just wish there was a clear sky.
Day 1,736
To be honest, I was getting bored with season 3 of #strangerthings. Fourth episode however showed some proper action. #netflix #netflix-and-chi...
Day 1,735
Don't be fooled. This just a calm end of not so calm day for us as parents. It's amazing how illogically 3-year-olds can behave. Amazing might be...
Day 1,734
Busy day. Found a #beer in the fridge. Now I have to drink it.
Day 1,733
We had to disassemble the couch to wash the covers. Well, I did almost nothing to be honest. It was all that little guy who did the work.
Day 1,732
I did absolutely nothing today. No work, no writing, no exercise, no bike. 0% productivity. I think this is a first day like that in months. I...
Day 1,731
Testing the driveway
It's not yet done 100%, but we're close. Really close.
Day 1,730
A #stork casually visiting our messy backyard.
Day 1,729
Witnessed a spectacular #sunset. This frame is missing The Dead Tree.
Day 1,728
Tipping Point
Starting Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell this week. #readingnow
Day 1,727
A storm. Finally.
Day 1,726
We spent most of the day by the lake. Both boys had fun. The weather was perfect. It was a good day. #theme-tiny-humans Also, I like how family...
Day 1,725
What a day!
One of those days that our #son "forgot" how to walk. Ended up cutting the space between his upper lip and nose pretty bad. I had to take...
Day 1,724
Morning #commute through #forest. Love the weather! Pic inspired by @maciejczyk and his awesome By the wheel gallery. (I could use a wider len...
Day 1,723
After 7 years of parking in mud we finally decided to #build a proper driveway in front of the house. 👍 Since we don't have a tv, Wiktor spen...