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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#6 41/365
1,866 streak
Day 1,866
This little guy is so stubborn, we can't just stop him from standing up. He's constantly climbing up every vertical surface he can find now. It's a...
Day 1,865
Standing workspace in the new office. Love the light here around noon. The wall behind the laptop needs some kind of poster though.
Day 1,864
Another two weeks
Well, I'd never expected to be able to go for so long. 45 days of daily exercise. Maybe I should do a full year. Also, who the hell...
Day 1,863
It’s been a busy week. I’m finishing 2 projects. Got stuck with one, negotiating one more and then there’s Tookapic. Sorry for not being active l...
Day 1,862
No desk yet
Brought the chair to the new office. No desk yet. Should be here on Friday.
Day 1,861
The evening relax set used to be a glass of whisky or beer. I haven't touched any booze in more than a month now. Going for the record :P
Day 1,860
The view down from the office window. Not as good as the one at home, but the quiet... oh the quiet is so soothing. I like the texture in thi...
Day 1,859
New chapter
For the last year I worked from home. But with two kids now it was getting harder and harder to get anything done. Frustration was real. S...
Day 1,858
Finally got to play. Downloaded Horizon: Zero Dawn. Still as good as few years ago. Good game.
Day 1,857
I visited @idered at Eyedea. If you don't know who that is... it's the guy that built the very first version of Tookapic. We worked together fo...
Day 1,856
I'm afraid I grew out of video games. I really want to like it, but it doesn't seem like fun to me anymore. And it bothers me.
Day 1,855
Spent few weeks designing a site for a client. At the time I'm posting this photo, the design has been approved, but damn, I can't remember th...
Day 1,854
and not chill. Managed to fined an hour to watch couple of season two episodes of "The End of the F*ing World". One of the best series on Netf...
Day 1,853
Another visit to the vet with #fibi. Cleaned the teeth, did some x-ray shots to check if everything is fine with that crazy old bitch. Turns o...
Day 1,852
Using the TV as light source. Looks like a photo taken in daylight. Also, this is exactly how I feel right now.
Day 1,851
Dark place
I guess it fits the #theme-halloween-colors. I'm in a #darkplace now. This is not a good weekend.
Day 1,850
The Path of Least Resistance
This is a 1988 #book. But the content is still relevant. I'm half-way through and I already know this will be in my top 3...
Day 1,849
I did it. The perfect month. Exercised every day in October. Feeling really good about it. And the results are satisfying as well. I lost 0,5kg o...
Day 1,848
That sky!
Evening #view from the #window of my home office. Quite spectacular to watch those clouds moving across the sky.
Day 1,847
In between
Got to take some cool shots from the plane.
Day 1,846
Eat some melted cheese and go take photos on the lake. Sounds like a good way to spend time. Thanks @ianprince for a nice evening.
Day 1,845
Business Trip ✈️
#Flying to Geneva tomorrow. Just for 24 hours. No time to meet the #Swiss Tookapic community. God damn!
Day 1,844
Ghosts & Bats
Last year I posted This year, #halloween came early. Had to decorate the house again. We're getting...
Day 1,843
25 of 31
6 days to go to hit full month of "not sitting on my ass all day". Also, why do I keep taking photos with the manual lens.