Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#5 350/365
1,810 streak
Day 1,810
Last day of summer
Well, that's it. It's the last day of #summer. One of the few things I like about autmn is the light and colors you can find in the...
Day 1,809
Stayed up way past bedtime to play Legos. This time with what's left from my old, 1989 Pirate Island set and 1993 Pirate Ship set. Still as fun a...
Day 1,808
Whisky + Lego
Obviously the Legos are not complete sets. Just some random leftovers. So we spent the evening building some wird vehicles.
Day 1,807
Got a letter
Got mail from @artlobo today. Tookapic print of me crying at Tookapic's third birthday. Good times. Thank you!
Day 1,806
Glorious neighbor
Well, the series continues. This time with one of the most incredible rainbow I have ever seen. Funny, when it's sunny and it rains...
Day 1,805
Washin Legos
My older son found some #legos in my home office yesterday and had a lot of fun with it. So today I dug out my old Legos from the garage....
Day 1,804
For the players
Got PS+, downloaded Batman Arkham Knight, Darksiders 3, bought Titanfall 2. Ended up playing good old Diablo 3. #playstation #ps4 #4th...
Day 1,803
Birthday girl
8 years old today. #happybirthday to #fibi the dog.
Day 1,802
I admit, this does look like a squirrel ran over by a truck... But it's actually pretty good #dessert. I think today we had the last #barbec...
Day 1,801
5 years
We've known each other for more than 15 years. Been happily #married for 5 now. One dog and two kids later we're still together. Happy #annive...
Day 1,800
#Trees I've planted few weeks ago. Still alive. #streakpic #nature #sky #lookingup
Day 1,799
Weird milk 2
Here's Well, years later, here we go again. Another milestone. Another big day.
Day 1,798
It's been 3 months since the last #streakpic like this one. I'm impressed with the "good photos" streak. I've been working a lot and sun sets e...
Day 1,797
We're back to living the everyday mundane #life. And to be honest, we're quite #happy about it. #candid #smile
Day 1,796
Unpacking the car
In 10 days, we drove 2,470 km with 3-year old kid and 5-months old toddler on board. And there was very little crying and vomiting :...
Day 1,795
Showing him the world 2
Almost 3 years after the first pic. We're 2 days short. On September 9th 2016 I took a very similar photo:
Day 1,794
Spent half an hour on the #beach before it started raining. But overall, it was a really good day. Walked a lot. Visited some nice places. Had s...
Day 1,793
Sea > Mountains
Well, the pic speaks for itself. It was really hard to talk the little guy to hike. Almost as hard as dragging him off the beach. I st...
Day 1,792
The view
12 hours later, the clouds were gone. So were we. I know myself too well not to take the spare car keys. Now we're off to the north part of t...
Day 1,791
The view
#view from our terrace in #bieszczady. It rained a lot that day. I lost the car keys. Like really lost them. Forever. Wohoo!
Day 1,790
Went for a light hike (can't imagine doing a proper hike with a 3-year old and a stroller). One kilometer uphill. Saw some nice views. Ignored...
Day 1,789
Next stop
Our friends went home. Now it's just us. My wife found a spectacular place in #Bieszczady with a beautiful view and a heated pool.
Day 1,788
We spent the whole day at Magiczne Ogrody. Kids had so much fun. So had we, the parents. Got to visit that place again next year. Same place, f...
Day 1,787
Day two
Some drawings in the making. Two more nights here and we're off to Bieszczady.