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Michał Kulesza One of the photos and moments that you will remember for a lifetime. Beautiful, congratulations!

Ian Prince Wow, what fantastic news! Congratulations to you both! You must have laughed at my "just wait to until you have kids" comment the other day.
And what an awesome photo to finish your excellent 365 project with!

Paweł Kadysz Thank you. Yeah, I actually did laughed when I read that comment :P

Gosia Wonderful 365th photo. Very personal and important, that's what photography is all about, right? Congratulations to you both!

agnieszka bladzik Super! Congratulations, I wish you guys all the best. Magda beautiful like always

Michał Kulesza PS. You should still plant a tree to fulfill the duties of men.

agnieszka bladzik he built the box to the garden on his own- two trees needed

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. Ha ha ha ha @Michał I guess he should it make sense

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. I once heard a saying , saying, a baby it's not a prize it's a privilege, to the most privileged person on the entire world right now @Paweł :) I hope I didn't over dramatize it :) . Congratulation men.

patrykd Oooo it's just great. Congrats!

Peter Congratulations! Both on 365 and becoming a father! ;)

Maciek Korsan Nie wiem skąd ale wiedziałem :D

tania Funny I thought about that last time you uploaded a photo of your wife :) And until today, I was sure you had something new for tomorrow. Anyway congratulations to both of you, the story just begins...

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. The story just begins...

noun I wondered all day long what you were going to publish for your 365th, once again I find incredible! It is brilliant, awesome! I congratulate you both! The adventure begins…..

Paweł Ludwiczak Congrats man!

Paweł Ch Well, I am thrilled for you, @Paweł :)

Jagoda Pucilowska Congratulations Paweł, all the best to both of you and thank you for tookapic

Julie Perry Awhh how lovely. Congratulations on your 365 and the baby.

Tobias Congratulations @Paweł!

Łukasz Awesome way to end a 365 project! Congratulations!

Magda G Congratulations! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

Malgorzata Kadysz Of all the pictures on tookapic, this is my beloved, most beautiful, most wonderful and the most ... most ... most ... :)

Jennifer Faye Congratulations!!

Satoshi T Congratulations, Paweł. It's just Great!

Kevin Drum Double CONGRATZ PAWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicja They both look beautiful :) Congratulations!

Jesse Lind What??? Wow!! Congrats @Paweł! This is amazing! So many congrats! Ha ha. anyways, I am looking forward to some AMAZING baby pictures! Congrats again! :) :)

Angie Congrats!!!
And this moment and picture is really amazing. Perfect moment!

juline Congratulations!! --> beautiful picture ! 👏🏾 😀

Viola Qniej oh wooow - something ends, something begin... congrats for you and your wife, Paweł! and thank you for Tookapic <3

Bridget Braun Wow double congrats!

Andrew E Weber Congrats Pawel!

JudithO Congratulations !! Finishing the project is great but I guess the other news are way more exiting !! All the best for the future, do we get to see baby pics in year 2 ;)?

Nick Graham Pawel, I know I'm late, but I wanted to say congratulations. I wish you and your wife all the best. I can't wait to see you take some awesome baby pictures :)

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