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calb Congratulations! Happy for you.

Kasia Szyszko Congratulations!!

Piotr Łaskawski Congratulations:)

Artur Łobocki High Five @My
Big congratulations!

jewels Congratulations on a fantastic 365 @My ! It is always a pleasure discovering your photos every day, and I hope we'll see many more :-D

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Congrats @My ! And thanks for every like & kind word from You!!! See You tommorow! :)

Boczek Congratulations @My ! And hope to see You tommorow :)

jokele My congeats @My for finishing your project. Thank you for all your comments and hope to see you soon :)

craig Congratulations on completing your 365! I hope you will continue!

Kateli Congratulations ! Hope you continue !!

Margie Congratulations to you!! You gave so much in terms of caring words for others and for creative, fresh, beautiful work!!

Magda Korzewska MCM big congrats! Great project and good job! See you tomorrow!

v agnès Congratulations @My ! What a ride !

Michael Gatton Congratulations! We made it :-) Really loved following you and your marvelous images - you have a keen eye and aesthetic sense. Also appreciate your encouragement and comments, you're a major part of what makes tookapic special.

Ron Dadoo Bravo... Bravissimo.... Congratulations :-)

Chris G Congratulations. That's wonderful.

Romain CONGRATULATION .... and RESPECT for completing your first tour... I really hope that you will stay for your second tour

azral big congrats! i really like the world through your lens and... can't wait for more! :)

Roman Czarny Congratulations for the completion of your project
Your pictures and your style are perfect
Welcome on the yellow side Tookapic

Adam Congratulations !!! Your's photos were always amazing so I hope that you will continue uploading on tookapic. 🎉👏🏼

Beata Kolcz Great!! So it is possible to do that:) Congratulations!!!

bvphotosnap Congratulations!! You did it!! An amazing year in beautiful photos!! Thank you for all your encouraging words of support, I've really appreciated it! I loved how you shared your moments throughout this journey and I hope your mom continues with good health. I'm excited for you and your first grandchild!! ☺ It's been a fun year @My!! Health, happiness and happy shooting!!

Satoshi T I love your colorful and fantastic works! and you always supported me in comment! Thank you @My Confetti Moon and Congratulations for your 365 project! I hope you will continue!

minimisio Congratulations! Your photos are always so colorful and energetic. I am addicted to them :)

Emilia H. Congratulations @My :)

Hanna Gawrychowska Congratulations
it was a great pleasure to watch your photos
thank you for your support and all the like
I hope to see you for the next many days

elenagutga Congratulations!! You've done a great work! Thank you for all the support you've offered to many of us... I hope we can continue enjoying your presence and your vibrant photos! All the best for you!

noun Congratulations! Very good job! Hope to see you tomorow!

freyr Congrats @My ! It's (I hope that I've used the correct tense and you will decide that your project will undergo a transition from 365 to at least 730 project! :D ) a great pleasure to watch your amazing photos!

Tomasz Dolata Yes ! You did it !!! I congratulate you with all my heart :) During this year were many support...It is wonderful to be together people like YOU :)and I wish you the next great 365 photo....

Nutt Congratulations! And thanks not only for all the wonderful photos, but for your positive, encouraging comments. I'm adding my hopes to everyone else's that you'll continue and that I'll see you again tomorrow... and tomorrow... and tomorrow... :D

Dorka Congratulations!!! Yours pictures are great!!!! Happy for you :-)

Magdalena Chlewicka congratulations :)!

Lucjan Lubaszka Congratulation!!!

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka Big congratulation @ My! And I hope see You tommorow!!! I can't imagine tookapic and Your support for such photographs like me without You!!!So say this is not the end...

ebcb18 Congratulations and good job !

Ana Congratulations!!! Great project!

NitaR Congrats! I look forward to seeing your photos every day. You have a great eye for beauty. Your encouragement and thoughtful comments have meant a lot to me. Hope you stay.

Kateli Congratulations ! Hope you continue posting your creative photos !! I'll mss them otherwise !!

Tomasz Dolata hello where are you? we all miss you ;(

Rose Missing your pictures :)

Steve Karg Congratulations on 365 lovely photos, @My ! I'm missing your photos already!

Ola Powajbo Great project :-) Congrats and all the best. Thank You for all Your cmments.

Kateli I miss your photos !!!