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Paweł Kadysz Sorry to hear that. I will miss your photos. I really hope you'll visit us again and maybe do another 365 (it is addictive, we all know it).

Good luck and thanks for being part of the community.

tania Thank you. I still consider I'm being part of...

Ron Dadoo In this case this person is waiting for a new boat, new trip so ...

tania who knows... ?

Magda Korzewska Dear Tania, I am not happy at all to hear it. All the best to you, hope to see you here again someday. Take care :(

tania Thanks a lot Magda.... will see ! I will take care sure !

Tomek It was a pleasure to see your photos here. Thank you :)

tania Thanks Tomek for your support !

noun Merci ma belle pour tous ces partages sur Tooka... J'espere qu'on se fera un autre pojet photos ensemble, même s'il faut que je boive un peu trop de rouge ;-) !

tania Mais tu n'as pas besoin de projets photos pour boire avec moi... ;)

craig Oh Tania sorry to hear that you are finishing. I have really enjoyed your photos and hope you will keep up your photography. If I remember correctly you were the first person to support me on this site. Take care and maybe pop back and see us from time to time! :)

tania Thanks Craig ! I'm not going to give up photography.... I have new projects but I think I'm gonna miss the community here... and your kind comments for sure ! Thanks a lot ! Hope I'll pop in to Edinburgh once !

v agnès Thank you Tania for all the wonderful pics you shared with us😘

tania ... :) see you soon I hope !

Bomba Damn, this photo is beatiful way to say "good bye". Good luck!

tania :))) Thanks a lot !

tigg I have a cyber friend on blip who stopped after completing her 365. She has returned ......
Good Luck!

tania ... well who knows ? Best wishes to you !

egzist OMG it's so sad Tania. Good luck and please take a pic for us from time to time ;)

tania Thanks a lot... Not sure yet what I'm going to do but for sure I'll still see your pictures ;)

jazzie Oh no... I will miss your pics! I hope you won't stop completely and come back with some nice picture from time to time!

tania Thanks Anja ! Looking forward to seeing your future pictures !

Kristina Pocinkutė This is the saddest news I heard today :o Thank You for all your support and amazing and inspiring pictures! Best wishes ;)

tania That's so cute from you. Thanks. Best wishes to you in Canada and make your project a wonderful one for you !

jewels Oh Tania, so sad to see you go. You have been an inspiring part of this community and also a fantastic host and g.o. for our little Swiss community. Hope you'll visit from time to time, and that we'll keep in touch in the real word. Big warm hugs.

tania Thanks a lot Julie ! Thanks for this kind comment. I know I can be a funny g.o. but I hope someone will take my place here on Tookapic. And yes ! I hope to see you soon too... Hugs too.... :)

Margie Lovely, moving photo. So sorry to hear you are ending your Tookapic journey. You are one of the most talented ones and a real leader. And a wonderful person. I ended my 365 streak and just participate when I feel like it. No streak. Maybe you can drop in on us because I can assure you, you will be missed. Warmest wishes to you for your happiness.

tania Thanks a lot Margie ! Your comment touches me deeply. I'm changing a lot at the moment and I hope I'll still find many ways to bring and find happiness everywhere. But I'm not worried. Joy is really a part of me I think and through photography I can find it again and again. Best wishes to you Margie !

vera Oh my dear friend! you make us a sad surprise... I'm disappointed, but I know you have your reasons! ;-) ... sometimes I hope to see you again on Tookapic!?

tania hihi.... the heart has its reasons that the reason ignores... ;)

Satoshi T I will not forget that you wrote a comment on my picture when I started Tookapic. I got a little confidence. It has been continued so far. I imagine there are considerable reasons to switch things that you are so addicted. It is a difficult thing for people of type like myself but I dare say. Please visit when you want without thinking seriously. Please show me the beautiful photos of St-Prex Occasionally!

tania Thank you Satoshi. I will try. Take care !

Artur Łobocki Good luck @tania. I love your photos.

tania Same to you ! Thanks :)

Grace I'll miss your photos! Do you ever post photos anywhere else? Thanks for all the inspiration, and also for participating in my little project

tania Thanks a lot Grace. I don't post anywhere else... except on FB, but that's really recent... and I'm not convinced....

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you Tania for all your beautiful photos. I will miss you and them. Good luck!

tania Thanks so much ! Lots of good things for you Ewa !

Ian Prince 601e aujourd'hui :p

tania Chut!!! C'est un secret 🙃

Marcin Wojtasik So amazing photo! :)

Clou Media Great pity !

tania But necessary.... till now... ;)

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