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craig So great to see yo back Tania! :-)

tania Thanks a lot Craig ! I needed to be part of what's happening here...

v agnès Nice you're here :-)

tania For one night... ❤️

Lido Co daje Ci HERO?
Czy nie uważasz, że miesięczna opłata powinna być troszkę niższa?
Jeśli opłata miesięczna byłaby około 10 zł , to może więcej osób by się na to zdecydowało.

tania Sorry I can't agree with you...
Tookapic has been the beginning of something new and incredible in my life...
I find the subscription cheap, really cheap for what everyone gets back here. Tookapic is for most of us part of our live, even when we stop it ;)
Best regards.

Lido OK, dziękuję za Twoją opinię.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Ian Prince Dobrze zrobione dla subskrypcji :)

Magda Korzewska Yeah Tanie welcome back thanks for support

tania Thanks a lot Magda !

Rafal Laczynski Nice photo! Youngs support :-)

tania They love that ! Thanks Rafal !

Hanna Gawrychowska Tania ! welcome back - nice to see you again
and from me a star for you

tania Thanks a lot Hanna. For everything :)

Ian Prince Great to have you back to support us! Yes tookapic is alive! P.s. Bravo à Lyah :) :) :)

tania Merci beaucoup, Lyah 😉

Ian Prince De rien :)

Nutt Hey Tania! Lovely to see you back! You really don't want to hang around for a bit?

tania hum hum... let me think of it until... tomorrow night.... ?

That wasn't really the plan but... envy isn't very far...

jewels Good to see you again @tania ! Glad to see you cannot stay away from us, as we all hope you will stay very near!

tania Thanks so much Julie ! I must say it's difficult to stay away. Really... But I'm not very far 💜

Kateli Ha ha ha ! That photo is so tania-ish !!! Great shot Lyah ! So proud of my daughter ! I'm going to get everybody confused here ! ;0)
You're right ! Tookapic is a big part of my photographic life too ! I'm going to have to do a photo like yours too !!!!! xxx

noun Oh j'avais pas vu! Trop bien!!

Ewa Kudlaty @tania I miss you and I'm happy to see you here!

tania Thanks a lot Ewa ! I was just giving a star to your today's photo, which is remarkable ! Well well done ! Are you going to be there for Tookapic's birthday ?

vera J'ai loupé cette photo! Trop chou les loulous! Et bravo à Lyah!!!

tania Merci !!

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