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Kazziz Congratulations on completing Your project, jewels! Hope You stay with us!

jewels Thank you very much @Kazziz ! Tomorrow at least... and maybe the next day?

Kazziz haha :) and it goes like this for another year :D

Rafał Bolko Congratulations!

jewels Thank you @Rafał !

Rose Congratulations 🎉

jewels Merci @Rose :-)

craig Jewels, congratulations! A great achievement! I hope you are going to stay around!

jewels Thank you very much @craig ! You have, so it's the least I could do !

robert_wisniewski Congratulations !!!

Kasia Congratulations!! 😃

jewels Thank you very much @kasia_ka96 !

jayce Great, congrats Jewels!

jewels Thank you so much @jayce !

_djeny_ Congratulations 🎉

jewels Merci @_djeny_ :-)

vera Congratulations Jewels! Well done! Nice project, when I think of it, I immediately see beautiful feminine shoes... ;-) And I noticed you are always searching for new creative ideas! See you tomorrow I hope! ;-)

jewels Thank you my dear @vera ! Indeed, I do love my shoes, and yes, you will certainly see me tomorrow!

Joanna G. Congratulations :)

jewels Thank you @Joanna !

v agnès Bravo Julie congratulations!!!! You did a wonderful picture year!

jewels Merci beaucoup :-)

Katrina Yu Super huge congratulations to you Jewels! "It has been a transformative year on many levels" - I totally agree, we tend to be more aware of what's going on around us and I think that's an extremely beautiful thing.

jewels Thank you so much @itskatrina ! I think the greatest gift from Tookapic is that it has given me sight! I used to think I could only make great photos travelling across the world, while beauty was right here in front of me :-)

Bruce Congratulations! Very inspiring photography. I hope you continue :-).

jewels Thank you @Kacper ! I will, at least until tomorrow :-)

Artur Łobocki Congrats!!!

jewels Thank you @Artur !

noun Bravo! Félicitations! Très bon travail! A demain ;-)

jewels Merci Anne :-) A demain !

Romain congratulation with your first tour.... I'm curious about your next 365 pictures!!! I'm a fan :-)

jewels Thank you very much @Romain ! I will try to keep it interesting :-)

Michael Gatton Congratulations Julie! And a nicely composed sentiment of the joys, rewards, and challlenges of 365 and the tookapic community.

jewels Thank you @Michael ! And to think I am already considering a second year... must be nuts ;-)

Nutt Beautifully said, you express exactly what I feel too with Tooka! Congratulations on 365 glorious pictures, thanks for sharing your vision, and...👏🏻🍾🎊🎉🥂 you did it!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

jewels Thank you so much my dear friend :-) Could not have done it without your unconditional support!

Magda Korzewska Big congrats Jewels. Enjoy your success :)

jewels Thank you so much @Magda ! Such a sweet feeling :-)

Tomasz Dolata Super, you got it !!! I am happy for your success :)I like your photos and hope to see the next 365 of your photos...

jewels Thank you very much @Tomasz ! I intend to stick around this wonderful community!

Ron Dadoo Déjà!!!! comme le temps passe vite, bravo pour ton travail, j'ai beaucoup de plaisir à le découvrir au fil des jours !

jewels Merci beaucoup Patrick :-) Ca fait plaisir de passer ce cap!

Ian Prince I remember last summer when you said how you were anxious about getting through the winter with the shorter days and less daylight. It made me smile, I secretly knew you'd find a way to get to 365 :) Thanks being being part of tookapic....and a good friend :) And bravo of course. Twokapic only 365 days away :)

jewels Funny you should mention this my dear friend, as I was thinking exactly of the same conversation no later than this afternoon :-) In hindsight, winter was not so bad and I had a much harder time in the spring. Still addicted though and hoping very much to make it to Twokapic :-)

Danuta Congratulations !!! :)

jewels Thank you @Danuta :-)

Hanna Gawrychowska Congratulations. I'm your fan.

jewels Thank you so much @Hanna ! I am your fan too :-)

papaya Super, gratulacje :)

jewels Thank you very much @papaya :-)

Kateli Hey ! You made it !! Bravo ! And keep up the creative, diverse and shoe photos ! ;0) See you in September, I hope !!!

jewels Can you believe it??? Will do! And since you ladies ( @vera ) are shoes obsessed, I promise you a crazy shoe pic this week, you won't believe these :-) And yes, September 2 is on :-)

Kateli Great ! Looking forward to the crazy shoe photo !!! Might do one too ! Don't know what this coming week's theme is... ;0)

tania Congratulations Julie !! Very nice project.... I'm happy for your, happy you came home last November, happy you go on with Tookapic. Well done :)

jewels Thank you very much @tania ! And happy Tookapic got us all to meet :-) I hope you will still join Tooka Swiss parties :-)

tania I'll try :)

tania Very nice 365th photo !

jewels Thanks :-)

Satoshi T Although the languages we usually use are different, it is wonderful to share what we feel everyday with photos.
We did not get to know each other and I couldn't see your days in Geneva without doing Tookapic.
And I was so happy that I consulted when purchasing your new PEN-F. Because I found out that you trusted me.

Congratulations on a wonderful year @jewels !

jewels Thank you so much @Satoshi and also for your very precious advice on the Pen-F. I indeed do trust your good judgment and I could not be happier with it (except battery life, which is very short). I hope to make it to Tokyo one of this days so that we can meet in person!

Thanks a lot for your support and friendship.

Magda Parkitna Congrats on finishing your 365 project! Well done! Keep shooting and let the photography make you happy;-)

jewels Thank you @Magda ! Let's hope you and I keep up the good work :-)

Rafal Laczynski Congratulations! You have great 365 photos in your gallery!

jewels Thank you very much @Rafal :-)

superczapla Great ! Congratulations !!!

jewels Thanks a lot @superczapla !

Roman Czarny Congratulations!!!
Super shot

jewels Thank you very much @Roman and thank you also for all the support and kind comments during the past 365 days :-)