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365 WoW Portraits Well done Pawle! Jest co świętować! Nice one!

Kazzi Love You, Paweł. You're a great man and what You do is absolutely incredible. Keep it up, older brother in tookapicing!
Can't wait for our first beer together, though. I was thinking about meeting You at last.

Jakub Bobrowski Great result. Great example for all. Congratulations!

Marta Nowakowicz-Jankowiak Najlepszy aparat to ten, który masz przy sobie. Świetna robota!

vividcolourfabric Congrats. That's an enviable score. Thanks for encouraging us (well, I speak for myself) to take photos. :)

Darek Antkowiak And we thank YOU @Paweł . For a great idea and realization of this idea.

Satoshi T Gratulacje! I am grateful to this wonderful community you have made!

Michał Remarkable achievement! And I mean not only this 1k pics, but also building such a great community and inspiring us all. Good luck with your 10k ;)

Basia Gratulacje!!! Świetna robota dla Ciebie i dla nas wszystkich, no i mega motywacja. Dzięki i powodzenia :-)

Ron Dadoo Thank you to you for all this remarkable work and the quality of your images ... thanks to tookapic, I have evolved a lot in my photographic style, and if sometimes it is a constraint, this is how I evolve ... the community is very nice and motivating, still congratulations and congratulations

Kristina Pocinkutė Thank You for this wonderful Tookapic world <3 This happy and inspiring place We want to come back every single day!

Magda Korzewska Your 1000's is so great! I see the fulfilled man. Big congratulations, this is awesome, thanks for setting us the target. Happy to follow your project for next 9000 days. I hope to be still alive LOL. Enjoy your success.

vera It's great! We can read your joy and satisfaction on your face ;-)! THANKS TO YOU! You make a fantastic work, you show us that perseverance allows us to learn and carry out major projects!

Mateusz Siuta Congrats Paweł! This is amazing achievement. I'm very happy to be a part of Tookapic :) Thank You and your team for this place! You're great! :)

v agnès Congratulations Pawel, and thank you for running Tookapic. Your enthusiasm is communicative and I'm happy the virus caught me. Thank you also to all the team.

Grzegorz Dobrzycki Gratulacje! Świetny i inspirujący projekt.

karoltadeusz Chapeau bas !

Maciek Lipski Dołączam się do gratulacji! Niesamowicie jest być częścią tej społeczności. Tookapic naprawdę zmienia życie :-)

Ian Prince Brilliant photo! Way to go!

Ewa Kudlaty Paweł big C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!

Katrina Yu Happy for you! Never stop creating, seeing art in whatever you do!

Artur Łobocki Congratulations! That's awesome.
Now I'm motivated to achieve my 1000 :)

Bartłomiej Jacak Gratulacje i powodzenia w dalszym prowadzeniu projektu!

Margie Fantastic accomplishment!! You are awesome and are directly and indirectly responsible for my making progress in photography. Thank you sooo much for all you do.

Szymon Maciejczyk like a boss !

Gogi Golzman definitely like a boss!! congrats you crazy bastard! 1000 days!!!!!!!!
:) :) :)

Piotr Szacun! Jak osobiście dociągnę do 100-ki to będzie osiągnięcie :D

jewels Congratulations Pawel! For your amazing project and giving us a place where we can share our photos and more importantly, share the love of photography with a great community :-)

Paweł Litwin Gratuluję! Oby Tookapic rosło w siłę!

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