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Ian Prince Lovely ...and very clean "Mont Blanc" pen :)

Satoshi T Your Mont Blanc is also very clear with clean air!

delissimo Eight years of primary school I used pen. Parker if I good remember. Anyway`s - good pict.

Satoshi T I am glad that it reminds you good memory. Thank you @delissimo !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you @pauline !

maggaglen Ekskluzywne pióra, super!:)

Satoshi T Dziękuję , @maggaglen !

Darek Antkowiak Pure elegance. Great!

Satoshi T Thank you @Darek !

Danuta The intense red background elegantly highlights a beautiful writing pen ! ... Impeccable quality of photography, I like! :)

Satoshi T It was good to choose red background. Thank you @Danuta !

Danuta Yes, it was great !!!!! :)

Artur Łobocki Pure elegance!

Satoshi T Thank you @Artur !

Kazzi Incredibly vibrant

Satoshi T I enclosed surroundings with black paper and illuminates a big light box from the very close position. Thank you @Kazzi !

Kazzi I imagine You spending hours witha a microfibre cloth before the shootout :D

Satoshi T It looks like you were seeing my work site from behind. 😅

Kazzi It definitely was worth it. A perfect macro shot.

Rafal Laczynski Great! Elegance!

Satoshi T Thank you @Rafal !

Gogi Golzman wow looks good

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Gogi !

tigg Ha! My black and white version has become my most downloaded picture. I'll try and do a link .... "Christmas Cards"

Satoshi T Oh about 2 years ago! Your pic may be left in my subconscious... Thank you @tigg !

120mr Beautiful.

Satoshi T Thank you @120mr !

Margie Beautifully done and a great suggestion of luxury and class.

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Margie !

Tymoteusz Stępień Nice done pic. What lens do you used for this pic? I search now ~100mm for sony (ehh) but I have adapters... so probably it wouldn't be problem :D
Oh and how is goin' with your cables? :D

Satoshi T I use Canon EF100mm F/2.8 macro USM (Non L type). Since Canon has electronic control for the aperture, in order to control from Sony we need an adapter with an electronic circuit (For this reason, I use a lens that can set mechanically the aperture when using with Sony body ).

And I use now temporary wiring. I will plan to clean wiring with Gigabit LAN devices. :D Thank you @Tymoteusz !

Daniel Zaleski Nice one, well executed. I just dare say you (in Japan) have wonderful fountain pain manufacturer - Sailor (in my opinion much better then Mont Blanc as far as writing instrument can be compared). I have many FP and my most favourite is Sailor 1911 small pen.

Satoshi T Oh Sailor 1911! I admire your eyes that distinguish good tools. I will review my own feet. Thanks @Daniel !

Hanna Gawrychowska elegant composition
elegant photo object
red background
all this gives an elegant picture - just superb

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Hanna !

Satoshi T Thank you @Dorota !

Nutt Just perfectly elegant!

Satoshi T Thank you @Nutt !

Lasiu Perfect! :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Lasiu !

Ragnarok Great! I Love the pen.

Ewa Kudlaty Beautiful!

Satoshi T Thank you @Ewa , This time I tried red as a theme color :D

Roman Czarny Beautiful

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman !

Comment was deleted

Zosia Jasiak Piękne. 👍

Satoshi T Dziękuję Ci @Zosia ! 😃

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