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Magda Ko Nice minimal, I like it very much

Satoshi T Thank you @Magda 😄!

vera Beautiful!

Satoshi T Thank you @vera 😄!

Hanna G how beautiful minimal photo with blue sky - I like it

Satoshi T I found it from train and got out train to high place to took it. Thank you @Hanna !

Basia Really great photo!!!

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Basia !

Luke Very smooth! Well done!

Danuta Very good foto, advantage of blue, cool minimalism ... beautiful !

Satoshi T The weather helped me :) Thank you @Danuta .

Rafal Laczynski Minimal photo! I like it Good job!

Satoshi T I have no Wisła river, so I need to climb high building to shoot skyscraper of Shinjuku. Thank you @Rafal !

Gogi Golzman good oneeeeee

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Gogi =] !

Shawn Big city made small by a big sky! Beautiful!

Satoshi T Oh really. Thank you @Shawn !

egzist Great photo. Great city.

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