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Kamil Kaczor I love your cityscape photos, amazing scenery!

Piotr Łaskawski Tokyo in your photos looks amazing, perfect color of the sky:)

v agnès The view is impressive and the picture is beautiful!

mrmm2017 I like that city jungle. Superb shot!

Rafal Laczynski Wow! Beautiful Tokyo at sunset!

Hanna G Ooooo.... ⭐️

jayce Superb city view at the perfect moment!

delissimo Amazing! Can You send me that pict in original size ?

Gogi Golzman perfect frame!

Etherliana Beautiful!!

Kasia Kwiatkowska Wow! Amazing view! 😀

tigg This is wonderful. Go there again ... and again ...and again ..
Like delissimo, I would love to have this photograph in my screensaver folder. Love it.

120mr So amazing view! I love urban landscapes.

Kazziz Mega Tokyo.

egzist You should take more photos like this. You've got amazing view!

vera Breathtaking view ! And what colors ! Wow! I love this pic!

Margie That is fantastic!! Love the crisp detail and outstanding composition. And the color!

Wojciech Super foto!

Shawn For a second, I thought the sun was a comet. Amazing detail!

Kateli This is a fabulous shot Satoshi !!! I really really like it !

wkaleniecki Awesome👏👏

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