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Anne It's a very important subject for me and I think you showed it perfectly

Katrina Yu Thank you so much for taking the time to understand it. <3

craig Katrina, This is such a poignant post. I remember so well being touched by your post "Before you turn to stardust". I still think it is one of the most moving posts I have ever seen.

vera I think the same! this pic is close to "before you turn to stardust" which I really find a piece of art! so full and touching !

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Craig and Vera. Your words mean a lot to me. If it makes people feel I really think I'm doing the right thing. So thank you.

makebate I guess finding comfort and happiness in what we already have is so important, and hard at the same time. This photo is comforting, beautiful meaning. Sending you real hugs, for what you are doing and for who you are

Katrina Yu Back at you with all the love too! <3

Etherliana Its soo sooo beautiful!

Katrina Yu Thank you soo sooo much! <3

Urszula Stachowicz When I saw this photo, before reading I thought about that black version. I still remember it. Both are great. And both messages. ❤

Katrina Yu One year is so fast!!!

Edward Chang 逝者如斯!

Katrina Yu That's a beautiful idiom. Thank you for sharing, Edward! I'm learning so much from you! My Chinese skill thank you. hehe

Kateli This photo made me think of my deceased Mum. This is how I imagine her protecting me from up there... Thank you for your photo, very touching. And I know I haven't read the same as you in it but I have really been moved by it. xxx

Katrina Yu I believe that art is subjective and you're entitled to how you interpret a piece. What flatters me is that you see something in it. So thank you for relating to this one. Hugs tight, Kate. I'm sure your mom is always with you just like how she is always in your thought. <3

jewels Wonderful photo, heartfelt words. Very touching Katrina. Take loving care of yourself <3

Katrina Yu Thank you, Jewels!! You too. <3

Gogi Golzman one of your best ideas katrina.. a star from me

Katrina Yu Thank you, Gogi!

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you, Beata. You're absolutely right about losing a person twice. I never thought of it that way. In Asia, there's just not enough "mental awareness" that some people take the "i'm depressed" comment as just someone acting up. Sigh

Love you to! <3

littlehuman You took it well. It's very important to me now. Your photo perfectly tells it all, I think it can't be better shown than you did <3

Katrina Yu Thank you so much for taking the time to understand it. <3

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