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Kateli J'adore cette photo de toi ! A utiliser pour ta bio à ton exposition !!!!

tania Super idea !! Thanks !

Comment was deleted

tania Thanks Beata ! I told her. She was delighted and so proud !

Piotr Great portrait!

tania Thanks Piotr !

jokele Great start. She needs her own account now :-)

tania She could.... ;)

vera Merveilleuse description aussi! What beautiful moments with your daughter! so precious !!!😊💕💕

tania Yes they are ! It's why I so much love photography...

tania Thanks a lot...

tania See what your daughter's gonna do in a few years...

Viola Qniej hahahah we will see! I would be very happy... :)

Satoshi T Oh Awesome portrait by Iona! Congratulations @tania !

tania Thanks.... I'm really impressed also... !

Kazziz Pretty!

tania Thanks Kazziz !

Margie You just tell that Iona that she just got a gold star. She has a pretty and fun mama and she knows it!

tania I'll tell her ! Thanks a lot Margie !

tania Merci pour l'étoile. Iona ⭐️

Edward Chang Yes, the Result is awesome!

tania Thanks Edward ! Glad you like it !

jazzie Iona did a great job! If one day you don‘t have time to take a pic you can easily hire her as your deputy 😊

tania I could yep ! Thanks Anja !

Michael Gatton Beautiful portrait, you're a great model and role model!

tania I'm the first surprised ! Thanks a lot Michael.

Ian Prince As they say “Les chiens ne font pas des chats “. Lovely portrait of you. Bravo Iona!

tania Merci et 🌈 ❤️ 🦋 🐬 💎 🔮 🎀 ⭐️ 💩 💩 😉 💩, , Iona Eva

Bruce Awesome model and portrait... your daughter is how old again?? Wow. 😊😊👏👏

tania Heu.... 7 in a couple of days... Thanks a lot Bruce !

Bruce Btw, your photos are amazing... I’d star all of them but that many alerts would be annoying 😊😊

tania Do do do !!!!

tania Thanks so much for your kindness. Have a good night Bruce !

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