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Hanna Gawrychowska Wonderful

Satoshi T Thank you @Hanna 😃!

Michał Fantastic!

Satoshi T Thank you @Michał 😃!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T It was hard blizzard early morning, but it turned out rarely fine weather in the morning! Thanks @creonphotography 😃!

v agnès Winter climbing? That’s a great challenge! And a very good pic.

Satoshi T There are many mountains difficult to access in my place. Among them, this is the easiest to get here. I can concentrate on climbing. I am jealous of your place where there are many trails that have been maintained. Thanks @v 😃!

tigg You are full of surprises. Wonderful - the climb and the photograph.

Satoshi T Oh thank you very much @tigg 😃!

maggaglen Przepiękny widok:)

Satoshi T Tutaj zawsze silny wiatr. Ale tym razem mam szczęście. Mogłem wspiąć się na miły słoneczny dzień. Dziękuję Ci @maggaglen 😃!

m_rudziewicz stunning view!

Satoshi T Thank you very much @m_rudziewicz 😃!

vera Wow! Great! Beautiful mountain and pic!

Satoshi T I like mountains , However, I have not done so much tookapic mountains. I will more often go. Thank you @vera 😃!

jazzie Wow, Satoshi, great pic and beautiful mountains!

Satoshi T I will shoot more and more mountains ! Thanks @jazzie 😃!

Ian Prince Thanks for sharing another side of Japan with us! Impressive mountain face. Glad you're having some blue skies 😎

Satoshi T You are welcome @Ian , I hope I will introduce other mountains and rural landscape in this year. 😃!

120mr Beautiful!

Satoshi T Thank you @120mr 😃!

Chen YiZhou Amazing!

Satoshi T Thank you @Chen YiZhou 😃!

Gogi Golzman terrific !!!!

Satoshi T Oh Thank you @Gogi 😃!

val Impressive and Great pic !

Satoshi T Thank you @val , I am also looking forward to your Swiss mountains 😃!

Danuta Wow wooow !!! ... beautifully ! the camera and the lens after renovation make crystal clear photographs, the quality is sharp beautiful :) ....beautiful blue sky and clean air, the beauty of the mountains is beautiful and clear!..... I never would have thought that at this height white birches grow mostly ;) in Poland, birch grows in low tracts, dwarf mountain pine at heights :) .... you have a great weekend, full of beautiful views, good relaxation , a lot of good clean air and beautiful sun :)

Satoshi T Thanks so much @Danuta , The geology of this area is serpentinite -serpentynit-. Consequently, at this altitude the conifers that are normally found do not grow, and the white birch covers the altitude of the forest limit. -I can see dwarf mountain pine in a small part-. For this reason, this area is very unique flora. I also want to introduce the summer scenery where alpine plants bloom💐.

Danuta They must look very interesting in summer, the greenish color of rocks and white birch bark, an extremely interesting flora ... with curiosity I am waiting for summer photographs, lovely place
Satoshi ! :)

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