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Szymon Maciejczyk all best !

vividcolourfabric Happy b-day, Wiktor! :)

noun WAW! Already two years! Happy birthday Wiktor!

Ian Prince What a nice smile 😁 Great to see him growing up! You do know you’ll have to keep on buying these balloons each year 😉Happy birthday Wiktor 😁

Monika Fabcia Happy birthday!

Magda Ko Happy B-day Wiktor. I remember the day you publish little t-shirt 2 years ago as I was a month or 2.

Rafal Laczynski Happy birthday! Beautiful pic!

Kazziz <3 <3 <3

Aga Ka Happy b-day Wiktor! And I think I understand you, Pawel. My son is 2,5 and sometimes I still say to my husband that I can't believe we have a kid :)

Mikołaj Happy birthday!

Satoshi T Happy birthday Wiktor!!

Grigory 👍👍👍😀😀

v agnès Happy birthday Wiktor!

agnieszka bladzik yes time flies fast, seems the photo of @Magdalena with his first photo was published yesterday, the same with 1 year, and it's already 2; happy b-day :D
also new hair cut :>

wkaleniecki Happy birthday🤘

Maciek Lipski Happy Birthday! :)

Edward Chang Happy birthday!

Karolina Mach Happy Birthday! 🎁🎈

Gogi Golzman Happy birthday to the little model of yours .. his smile is priceless everytime :)

wkaleniecki jakiego oświetlenia użyłeś w tym zdjęciu?

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