Nutt @Paweł , it was so great to meet you! And thank you for motivating us!! ;)

Margie This the greatest! I totally wish I were on the continent (instead of isolated on another one - NA) to celebrate with you with a glass of wine. And you were with the best of the beat!!

vera How great to see you! and how sad that I couldn't come guys!... Are you still in Switzerland on Saturday @pawel? @tania with the bottle! Hahaha!

tania an exception Vera... an exception !!

vera I know, I know... 😇😇😇

Michel Neufeld Thanks for your nice message Pawel, it was great to meet you ! You took this pic when I was gone feeding my dog ...!

Iwona- shadoke Great party!!! :)

Marcin K. A photo No. 1365 :-)

Paweł Kadysz Nice coincidence ;)

jewels @Paweł, someone had to tell you how that wonderful community you have created is transforming people's lives and how it has generated hundreds of new friendships across the globe :-) Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Kazziz that's true, 100%!

Kazziz <3 <3 <3

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