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Magdalena Kucharska And your cat hits the road again!

Satoshi T and next week my cat meet you again somewhere! Thank you Magdalena.

Ron Dadoo Very nice!SSSS

Satoshi T YeeeSSSS!

Alek Jedliński Nice Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you Alek!

Kirsten Great photo! Always looking forward to what you've come up with this week at the end of theme week :)

Satoshi T I'm glad to hear you are looking forward to this Kirsten!

Hanna Gawrychowska wow
super railways-pattern

Satoshi T Thank you Hanna your hyacinth series is also super.

Rohini Love your bye bye pics. This one is really superb @Satoshi

Satoshi T Thank you liking this series @Rohini , I will continue!

craig I wondered how you would do this one! Super as usual!

Satoshi T Thank you Craig!

Shawn It's beautiful! Nice light on the tracks.

Satoshi T This curved reflection reminds me your "the road". @Shawn !

Shawn Also, thank you for liking my pictures :)

Satoshi T You are welcome! if the warmer, I also want to see your mushrooms :)

Shawn Oh, I can't wait for mushroom season!

Paulina M You're so creative with those goodbyes :)

Satoshi T Thank you Paulina, I'll try as long as the imagination continues!

Gabriela Jaworowska w drogę miły ķocie

Gabriela Jaworowska w drogę miły kocie...w drogę. ..

Satoshi T ten kot na szynie do następnego tygodnia @Gabriela , Dziękuję!

Jesse Lind I love your creativity! Keep it up :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Jesse ! I also love your experiments and challenges!

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