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7 services to store your photos online

Since this question was asked quite a few times I decided to review seven of the most popular image hosting services.


bartlomiej_w I would like to read this article or its current version. The link is not working and a manual search of your blog did not help.

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, it’s a very old article. Half the services do not work, the other half changed their terms. You wouldn’t get much value from the article today, sorry.

gerlos Right now my favorite services are Google Photos and Adobe Lightroom Albums.

In the last few years I found myself using a lot Google Photos - it's free if you're ok with 16 Mpx images (imho enough for most cases).
You can create albums to share using links or inviting people to interact with it.

In the first case, you can just add a link to your portfolio album to your website or social network profile, and it's nice and easy (I usually add a couple of pics with info about me).

In the second case, people you invite can add photos, comment and "like" photos.

I discover these features when I created an album of my daughter I shared with grandparents and relatives - it works like a "private" social network, only between the invited people, and it's really nice.

Using the "Backup and Sync" desktop app you can automatically upload to Google Photos any photo you put in a folder, so it's easy to automate the upload of your work from Lightroom (uploads from smartphones are easy and automatic).

What's more, Google Photos app it's already installed on any Android device, so it's easy to use it everywhere.

Here's an album from Google Photos:

I use a lot Lightroom web shared albums too.
If you're already user of Lightroom and Photoshop, it's included in your subscription. Albums are nice and there's a little customization you can do. You can even put some limits to what people can do with photos in the albums.

It's easy to upload pics from Lightroom to Creative Cloud, and then you need just a couple of clicks to create an album you can share online or add to your Adobe Portfolio page.
For example:

PS Luckily you can still read the original article on the Internet Archive: