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Why I am here so happy...


I have to tell you this - it's a wonderful place... I'm not a professional photographer, I do not have a good camera, but I'm just trying to express myself and maybe more importantly - I find myself again able to enjoy small things. The beauty of moments. Some kind of art. And the possibility of daily viewing brilliant photographs made by others who do not let me feel that I am just a pathetic amateur 😀 Thank you all. Tookapic is my therapy.

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  • ponzu

    ! !

    (that's two thumbs up)

    • Gosia

      My thoughts exactly!

      • Łukasz Brożek

        Enjoy your photography. Keep going! 😀

        • vera

          What a beautiful feeling you describe Krzysztof ! Indeed Tookapic is a very nice community! And making photo opens our eyes on little and beautiful things that give us joy! ... Keep going!😃

          • Gogi Golzman

            this is so nice to hear that =]

            this community really has something special =]

              • Krzysztof Maciejewski

                Thanks guys! It is something great to share all of that with you. Especially those of you who comment here - your photos are brilliant. Perhaps some of the best I've ever seen. Yeah! I saw the pictures awarded in World Press Photo etc. Yours are sometimes better.

                • Ojrza

                  I feel exactly the same! It's so warm and comforting here, probably because the community isn't that big, people are more familiar with each other.

                  And once you start going with it, you don't want to stop so you keep going 😀

                  • Romain

                    Wow cool..... and .... I feel the same 😀

                    I'm almost finest my 365-project for the first time... and I've learned a lot during that year...

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