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See all the photos you ever liked

I think it's a very nice feature, it is somewhat hidden.

The link is tookapic.com/photos?list=liked

The way you get to it is by clicking Photos (you land on tookapic.com/photos?list=follo...), then on the left hand side, look down at the various icons until you see the heart. And below it a star. That's all the photos you have ever starred, your favorites.

I like to look at mine. This link will show you yours: tookapic.com/photos?list=favor...

I wonder if there is, or should be, a URL to see someone else's favorites. Maybe it's unnecessary, for privacy reasons. But it would be interesting. Mostly, to discover new people to follow. Once you find someone whose photos you admire, chance are you will like the photographers they fave.

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Dave Fritz Thanks for the tip, I like the idea.