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How does streak work on Tookapic?

I don't understand why the number varies so often and the signification of this number !


Paweł Kadysz Michel, here's how streak works:

It breaks every time you have a longer than 48h break between uploading consecutive photos. So for example:

If you upload a photo from may 1st on may 1st and then a photo from may 2nd on may 3rd - your streak is still good. But if you then take a break and upload a photo from may 3rd on may 5th - your streak will break.

You can have 100% good 365 project even with streak broken. The important thing is not to have any days missed - that means you should have 365 photos for 365 days uploaded.

Few weeks ago we added a count-down timer on the homepage to show you exactly how much time you have to upload a photo until your streak breaks. Here's how to find it:

At the time I'm writing this your streak count is 30. That means that 30 days ago you had a break in uploading photos to Tookapic that lasted longer than 2 days.

Let me know if my explanation is clear.

And if anyone else has a better way of explaining this, I would love to read it. I've been trying to explain how streak works for more than 4 years and obviously, I still have a problem with it.


Michel Neufeld Thanks a lot Pawel ! I undrestand the system very well !
Have a nice week end !