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My analogue 365 project

Hi guys, I return after some time and this time I decided to make an analogue 365 project this year. I currently shoot like 80% medium format black and white negative film last 2 years and really enjoy it. Due to this fact all my uploads will be approx. 2 months after the shooting date. This is a pragmatic decion - I started the 1st roll on January 2nd, 2020 and with 36 frames ended in first decade of February + development and scanning = middle of February. In order to use the paid tookapic to the max, I decided to start no March 1st. This gives me some time to process the negatives after I finish each roll + I have full 1 year paid and hopefully used by me.



Marta Tomaszewska wow! respect! and good luck!
finger crossed for the lack of technical difficulties =)

Daniel Zaleski Thank you, Marta! There already were some problems and I will have some days missing. I hope to solve it on the go so that it does not happen in the future too often.

Marta Tomaszewska I know the feeling when you took totally dark film from the developing tank ;-) or with all 12 pictures at the first frame. I hope you won't fell it through this year =)

Artur Łobocki That's brave! Good luck.

Ian Prince Indeed. What camera are you shooting with?

Daniel Zaleski Ian, if your question was addressed to me - I currently shoot my analog 365 project with Canon EOS 300 in full manual mode with lens autofocus (stayin on the safe side). It's small and light. My normal / serious analog photography is with modular system camera Zenza Bronica SQ-A. If interested you can check my IG gallery (the first one and created only to showcase my analog photography):

Ian Prince Thanks Daniel, yes the question was for you. Any specific reasons to shoot with a Bronica SQ-A over (say) a Hasselblad, Mamiya or a Pentax? P.S. I like the IG photos you shared.

Marta Tomaszewska I have also Bronica SQ-Ai :) I've chosen it because it was 6x6 and cheaper from others. I really consifdered a Mamiya (can't remember the type) with flexible optical axis (or how to translate it into English :D) but it was harder to buy.
I've stopped shoting film just after fullfiling my analogue dream. And Daniel - you're another drop in this bucket that makes me to think that maybe small come back won't be bad... :D

Daniel Zaleski Czesc @Marta ! Zapraszam do mojego konta na IG - nie dla like-ow, ale dla inspiracji. Kwadrat to zupelnie inny format i styl fotografowania. Trzeba inaczej komponowac, mnie to bardzo bawi, kwadrat naprawde lubie. A fotografia analogowa jest dla mnie czysta przyjemnoscia i swym sposobem terapia, zwolnieniem w tym brutalnie szybkim swiecie, w dodatku troche inaczej zaczyna dzialac moj mozg - nie wie, jak to mozliwe, ale po 30minutach chodzenia z bronica inaczej widze swiat. To sie nie zdarza ze starym dobrym canonem :) W dodatku wizjer (preferuje kominek) jest fenomenalny.
Sprobuj znowu.

Daniel Zaleski Hello @Ian , frankly I would love to have / or at least check Hasselblad - but it is just too expensive for me. I wanted 6x6 and there are basicly 3 options - a) system camera (Hasselblad or Bronica), TLR (Rolleiflex / -cord, Yashica, Flexaret,...) or folder camera (Zeiss Ikon and many others).
I really wanted system camera - to be able to choose different lenses (I originally thought 50mm = FF equivalent of 28mm will be my preferred, but I shoot 80% with 80mm lens = eq. of 45mm in FF, another 15% with 150mm / 85mm lens). And the exchangable film backs are really great (allowing you to shoot with several different film stocks at the same time, just by changing the film back). I reallyl love the waist level viewfinder - combined with very bright Bronica (and I think Hassy is the same) the view is just magical, I beleive only large format can beat it. It is pure joy to use the camera; I would love Hasselblad 500 series camera as well (further it has really perfect design and streamlined body - Bronica is more rough, not so sleak but very functional).
I also have Flexaret VI TLR and just recently I bought a folder camer for travels (it is really pocket camera, quite a miracle for 6x6 MF) = Balda Super Baldax, a camera from 50s ...
Mamiya and Pentax are 6x7 (or 6x4.5) and are substantially bulkier, more suitable for studio work.

Greetings to to Switzera!


Marta Tomaszewska ale ja doskonale o tym wiem :D niestety mam tylko wizjer, bez kominka. W Starcie mam kominek i uwielbiam(łam) przez niego patrzeć. Dobre 3 lata siedziałam w analogach, włącznie z ciemnią w domu, ale jakoś tak... zgubiłam na to miejsce, a sprzęt ciemniowy wylądował w piwnicy :)

Ale jestem pewna, że nadejdzie taki moment, że do tego wrócę ;-) i jak to było? "tylko kwadrat, głupcze"? :D

Ian Prince Thanks Daniel for your kind message. Noted for future reference when I take the plunge to try out medium format 😊

leszek55 But you're an orderly guy. I take emotions and decisions spontaneously. Congratulations and even envy! :)

Daniel Zaleski @leszek55 yes orderly guy with OCD :)

leszek55 hahaha;)

Ron Dadoo ;-) j'ai commencé également des rouleaux de pellicules! ( publié avec mon 2e profil )

Ian Prince Excellent !

Daniel Zaleski wow, fantastic! I will shoot on colour in April / May. Cannot wait for the spring shots.

Viola Qniej absolutely love the idea! fingers crossed!

Daniel Zaleski Thank you, Viola. Let's make it fun :)