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How to format photo descriptions?

Do you guys know how to add formatting to the descriptions of the photos, such as italics and bold text? HTML tags <i></i> don't work.

I am going to try [i]this[/i] this -and this-


ponzu That proved that asterisks make italics
Do **two asterisks** make bold?

ponzu They do not

ponzu _this_

ponzu !this!

ponzu _this_

ponzu /this/

agnieszka bladzik I would like to know how to nicely link to other photos - once there was a help post on this, but I couldn't find it

Paweł Kadysz Markdown.

Not all of the formatting works. You won't be able to embed images, etc. Also, keep in mind that markdown is only supported in photo descriptions and Talks main post. It's not supported in comments.

@agnieszka to link to other photos just paste the URL of the photo page. Tookapic will recognize it and will paste photo's title linked. This also works in comments.

ponzu Thank you!

agnieszka bladzik i was thinking of link hidden in text like hyperlink in mail etc.

Paweł Kadysz Markdown. [this is a link to Tookapic](