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Tookapic Milestones

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Day 1,095
4 years already
So here I am. One year after - posting another 365th pic. Congratulations to me. I now have almost...
Day 730
Year 2
I DID IT AGAIN. This year was easier and faster. I took a good decision to keep my project alive. This is a little bit like brushing your teeth...
Day 2,000
This is it. 2000 photos in a row. Without a single day missed. When I posted pic couple of years ago, I thoug...
Day 1,825
made it, again. I must admit that this year was a struggle thou. I almost did 'obama out mic drop' remake with a tought that this will be my last p...
Day 730
3 years already
Well, that's it. Another 365 days passed. My third 365 project is done (second one here on tookapic). I can't believe I've been taking...
Day 1,095
three years on tookapic
What to write here, what to say? It's hard for me to gather my thoughts. Of course, I'm happy because 3 years of taking pictur...
Day 500
500th. The end.
500th. I would like to thank the whole community and in particular @pawelkadysz for creating such a beautiful place as Tookapic. I wou...
Day 1,000
➡️ ➡️ #night #music #wednesday #technology #equipment #...
Day 501
Back to the game
It was just a cup of tea, I took a break. I drank it and come back. Life without Tookapic was certainly calmer, looser. I did not hav...
Day 1,000
I had the plan to do the puzzle but I didn't make it. Anyway this is my personal Tookapic puzzle :-) #calebration #1000-photo
Day 365
We Made It
We Made It WARNING! YOU CAN HURT YOUR FINGER SCROLLING THROUGH ALL OF THIS! We made it, Gray! 365 daily photos. It was a wonderful adventure. I met so...
Day 1,095
Don't know what to say? 1095...
Day 730
2 Years sentence
2 Years sentence Well. It's been a long and difficult year. The main question was whether I should stay here. I probably have more than a half of stre...
Day 365
So here it is my 365 picture. It was such an amazing year for me. A lot of amazing people, great couples, magical sunsets and sunrises, love and e...
Day 101
100 😊
#evening #sunday #light #dark #color #christmas #design #art #party #november #blur #bright #celebration #shining #desktop #abstract #decoration...
Day 100
so today I celebrate my 100th photo :D can't belive it passed so quickly :o just want to say big thank you @pawelkadysz for all work you put into...
Day 500
To już 500 dni przygody z tookapic. Wiedziałem, że ten projekt mnie pochłonie czasami aż za bardzo ale skoro powiedziałem A to nie żałuję r...
Day 730
Did it again!
Did it again! So, the second year on #tookapic passed. I must admit it was fun again, somehow easier because I already completed the first one. At the...
Day 1,095
3rd year completed !!!!!!
I realized when uploading this photo that it completes my 3rd year on tookapic ! It doesn't seem possible ! Three years of s...
Day 1,098
Blurry sky
Went out for some star shots but I didn't set my focus correctly, so all of the photos are blurry. Probably will try again soon! Oh, and by...
Day 1,000
A 1000 time THANK YOU. Finally i made the 1k club. This project change my life, shape me as an adult and show me that everything is possible. Whe...
Day 200
my birthday <3 and my 200 photos ! best day !
#morning #outdoors #nature #wood #sunday #dark #leaf #christmas #winter #snow #december #traditional #no...
Day 200
Another milestone
Day 1,000
It took me some time but finally - here's my 1000th photo on Tookapic. Three years will be over soon. Time goes by so fast and I have the feel...