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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#7 248/365
6 streak
Day 510
Symbol of my personal failure
See this? This is a working tookapic app. With push notifications and shit. It's not perfect. It still lacks some featur...
Day 526
First bath
Ok, so here he is. Everyone, meet Wiktor (Victor). It's our second day together at home, and first bath at home. Took some really nice pics...
Day 488
Swimming banana
I need to write down all the ideas for the minimal still life series. This idea was pretty cool. The execution - not so good. But 've...
Day 522
The announcement
It's been a while since I posted a pic with such a delay. That's because the last two days were probably the most important days in m...
Day 453
Around -20°C while taking this photo in the middle of nowhere. I managed to stay out for 4-5 minutes. Took about 6 photos. None of them were...
Day 730
3 years already
Well, that's it. Another 365 days passed. My third 365 project is done (second one here on tookapic). I can't believe I've been taking...
Day 485
Orange juice
I was going to make it an orange tea and add some steam in Photoshop. But since this would be the only photo manipulation, I decided to l...
Day 651
Birthday gift
It's pretty easy to get me a birthday gift I would enjoy. A bottle of beer I haven't yet tried is always a good idea. My mother in law k...
Day 678
The App
I should have probably take a more sophisticated photo to celebrate the launch of the app. Well, this one has to do. Enjoy. The app is availab...
Day 366
Happy birthday!
Ok, so this was unexpected. I was just leaving the office when my awesome Wife came in with a bottle champagne and a little birthday c...
Day 458
Ready to take off
My father, ladies and gentlemen. In his TT. This is how he came to meet me today. And that's why I always have my camera with me. If...
Day 592
Family time
Taking advantage of the flip screen on the RX100. I never had a camera with this feature before. It was a good day, we spent the day outdo...
Day 643
A bag
I got this from ThinkTank today. They sent it for a review. It's a bag. A camera bag. First impression? It feels really durable. I'll be using i...
Day 473
Few more weeks
Magda, reading "Bringing Up Bébé". About 5 weeks left. Damn, the time flies. #afternoon #sunday #couch #girl #wife #book #grey #woman #...
Day 509
A branch cut down by some beavers fell into our pond. This is what it did. My wife spotted it the other day and I knew I had to take a pic of i...
Day 513
French fries wi-fi
Had some french fries for dinner. Came up with this idea. It's not easy to make french fries stand like that I spent way too much t...
Day 549
On the right, a photo from a National Geographic photographer - one of the most popular photographer in Poland. My photo parody on the left....
Day 604
Running tookapic together. If you got banned today, that was probably Wiktor's call. Sorry. #friday #evening #macbook #son #blanket #floor #wo...
Day 611
A window
Taken with my phone, edited with my phone and uploaded to tookapic with my phone. I'm probably going bankrupt after releasing the app, but no...
Day 498
Mystery bag
I got my first photography job today. I need to take creative photos of what's in the bag. I'm not going to tell what's in it yet. I've ne...
Day 514
This is one photo. Photoshop used only to remove chicken poo from the eggs. Took around 12 shots to get it right. #food #saturday #evening #kitc...
Day 593
Just an afternoon routine. Exercising the neck and belly. Looking good. Except for the haircut maybe. #afternoon #monday #son #couch #face...
Day 618
We lived
You know those movies with tornadoes, cyclones and shit? It looks pretty exciting. Well it looks exciting on the screen. It looks freaking sc...
Day 426
A huge (I mean like really enormous) christmas tree they put on our town square. It looks much better when it's out of focus. #night #evening #...