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tigg My goodness - what a fantastic head of hair. Lovely photograph, especially having them both in there. You show him off as much as you like!

Magda Korzewska Wiktor is so sweet. Lovely pic. Well Done Paweł :)

Jakub Witkowski Do the Wiktor 365 pics :)

Kazziz nah. If he did that on this account, there will be Wiktor Kadysz, not Paweł Kadysz. And if he did it on a separate, like @D.Vader, there would be no Wiktor here. I think he'll manage and choose a perfect balance, right, @Paweł ?

Paweł Kadysz Sure thing.

vera So cute!!!

Hanna Gawrychowska nice name
let he grow healthy, wise and nice to the delight of his parents and for his own benefit
and ... do Victor 365 pics

Marcin Milewski Amazing photo! I think in two months I will be posting very similar stuff :-)

365 Shades of Calvados Gorgeous pic! :)

bvphotosnap Such sweetness! Welcome to the world Wiktor!

Rafał Soliński Podobny! ;) Gratulacje!

Margie Congratulations! He is darling. I am helping my daughter out as her second son was born March 12. Named Blake! Good luck with sleeping!

Robert de Bock Congratulations with Wictor, wonderful baby, wonderful photo! Looking forward to 365 images of Wictor.

My Confetti Moon Melt my heart 💕 Simply precious!

My Confetti Moon Melt my heart 💕 Simply precious!

Kevin Drum Amazing shot. Happy for you all.

Bridget Braun Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is beautiful.

Satoshi T Congratulations with Wictor!

Steve Karg Congratulations on the birth of your son! Lovely bath photo too!

Agata Trepka gratulacje! :)

azral congrats!

tania Congratulations Magda and Pawel. That's a unique moment in life when we usually take tonnes of photos. What I like here is the tiny arm we can guess in transparency... He looks so peaceful in milky water :)

Chris Groucutt Congrats my friend! ~He is beautiful.

Roman Czarny Lovely

Sheri B Oh my god, he's gorgeous! Congratulations!

Jesse Lind With how many baby that will be coming up, you should make a separate gallery just for Wiktor :)

Lok Wa cuuuute!

Rohini Such a lovely shot of Wiktor.

Daniel Zaleski Congratulations!

Shawn Congratulations! Great picture.

sadia Cute

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