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Ron Dadoo Cic' et Ron ont été très heureux de partager cette soirée 365 avec toi! on espère voir encore beaucoup de tes agréables photos! Qui vivra Vera...

tania Excellent commentaire ! Mdr..... je me gausse !

vera Cic' et Ron, c'est pas Carey! Mais alors c'est qui?! Merci à vous 3 ou 4 je sais plus, il y en a encore à découvrir je crois... pour cette soirée inoubliable! Patrick merci aussi à toi pour ta touche perso sur Tookapic! Qui vivra Vera!

And now I'm no more a suspect, @Roman !! ;-)

noun I hope to see you on Tookapic tomorow, and after tomorow!!!

vera Noun thank you also for your support! You make so wonderful pics! So inspiring! It's a great pleasure for me to discover you and to know you better! See you soon! ;-)

vera Thanks a lot... but that's not sure...

Ian Prince Just love this photo which is so tookapic....and you: happy, friendly ...and creative! Thanks for sharing your cake and smiles with us yesterday evening :)

vera Thanks a lot ! Very touching words! Your project is also inspiring for me Ian! I've loved you humor and originality in your series of pics!

vera Thanks a lot Ian! Very touching words! You inspired me during this project. You've got creative, human, humoristic and interesting photos! and I loved your series! Thank you for your generous sharing!

vera Oh ... My Ipad était déchargé entre les deux remarques et il semblait que j'avais perdu mon texte... mais maintenant il réapparaît! Bizarre!

Jola I congratulate the perseverance and great pictures. Thank you, that you are here. From now you can learn :)

vera ;-) I'll learn all my life... That makes life so interesting I think! Thanks a lot to you Jola that you appreciate my presence here! :-)

Roman Czarny Congratulations to beautiful moment for us as well because through this year, and you were the support for many of us Thank you

vera Thanks Roman, you're a bit like a Tookapic brother for me, you started a few days earlier! Thank you for your faithful support with always positive and encouraging words! And your project is truly magnificent! You have grown tremendously and your photos have become more and more creative and superb!

Comment was deleted

vera Thank you very much Kukasz!!! :-)

craig Congratulations Vera!

craig Oh and I love the cake!

vera Thank you very much Craig! And thank you for your encouragement throughout this project, your generosity and your magnificent bird photos. I did a lot too inspiring by you, that I did not publish, because I did not find them top! But one of those days ... maybe! Yes the cake was very good! Yum!

agnieszka bladzik congrats! hope to see you tomorrow as well :)

vera Oh thanks a lot Agnieszka ! I think I'll don't post every day a photo! But your words touch me and make me want to continue :-)

Romanos Kalamatianos Congratulations Vera!

vera Thanks you very much Romanos!

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Congrats Vera!!! :)

vera Thank you Malgorzata :-) !!!

Michał Kubalczyk Congratulations! :)

Comment was deleted

vera Thank you very much Michal :-)

bvphotosnap Congratulations @vera!! YAY!!! You completed one full year of beautiful images!! :)

vera Thank you so much bvphotosnap! And also thank you for your fidelity! Thank you because you always find the words to say something kind and encouraging, and your look is always both relevant and positive! :-)

jewels Congratulations Vera! It was a gift to celebrate this milestone with you 😀 I very much hope to see you tomorrow or soon at least! Take care

vera Thanks Jewels! It was a joy to spend this moment with you! Lots of fun! Hope to see you soon too! Perhaps in Aigle...

Hanna Gawrychowska Congratulations Vera. I hope to see you on tookapic tomorrow. Beautiful 365 photos - you can be proud of your project. Good luck with the next.

vera Thanks a lot Hanna! I'm touched you want to see me on tookapic again... I'll be there sometimes and of course to like your wonderful photos :-)

Nutt Congratulations!!! Love the pic - it was so great to meet you and to share this wonderful event with you! The cake was not only gorgeous but delicious too!

vera Yes! The cake was so good! And my children so happy to eat the camera today ;-) It was very cool to meet you! :-)

Ewa Kudlaty Congratulations!!! BTW great idea!

vera Thanks a lot Ewa! I'm glad you like it! :-)

Tomasz Dolata Congratulations! You did it! I wish you the next 365 also beautiful pictures, of course along with us on Tookapic !!!

vera Thanks a lot Tomasz! I'll be there to watch, to like and comment your super photos! Not as often as this last year... There were really great moments for me to share this year with the Tookapic community!

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vera Thanks ! :-)

Comment was deleted

vera Thank you Kimberly!

v agnès Congratulations Vera! I have admired all of your 84 last beautiful pictures (= my streak) and I hope you'll go on with many others.

vera Thank you very much Agnès! :-)

Krzysztof Puszczyński Congratulations!

vera Thanks a lot Krzysztof!

minimisio Congratulations Vera! :) Never stop taking photos, please :)

vera Thank you very much Minimisio! It's sure that I'll never stop make photos ;-) I love it!

tania Hiya my lovely and amazing Vera ! I'm very happy you came here ! I'm happy we had this in commun to share and I hope, one way or another, that we'll share in the future other beautiful photographic projects ! Your eye is amazing, your creativity and and and.... you smile Vera ! I'm lucky you've been my dear friend for such long years ! Love xxx

vera Merciiiiiiiiii! Top là! 💕💖💞🎉🎷🎹📸😘

Comment was deleted

vera Thank you sooo much Agnieszka for these very kind and touching words!

Satoshi T Je suis guéri par ton beau paysage de Dent du Midi et d'Aigle! Et je reçois constamment de nouveaux stimulus de vos sens en tant que peintre. Félicitations @vera!

vera メルティの無限の里子!Thank you sooo much for your support throughout my project! Thank you for your encouraging and relevant comments that make grow! Thank you so much for all the time and attention you've given! :-)

Romain hey... congratulation Vera.... I'm just started a few weeks agoand I'm already addicted to it!
And also thanks to you for your positive comment at my first posted picture... people like you inspire other people.

vera Thank you very much Romain! I'm glad if I could be a support at your beginning! Thanks for the feedback! I wish you a lot of pleasure in your project! :-)

Kazzi You're a big inspiration to me, @vera . Thank You!

vera Oh too much... Thanks a lot Kazziz! :-)

Kazzi keep it up!

My Confetti Moon Congratulations!!! Adore this pic 😊

vera Thank you My! And I would like to say you a special thank for your support and so kind words during all my project!

jazzie Congrats, Vera! Well done and nice community pic! 🎂

vera Yes! thank you Jazzie :-)

Rafał Biernacki Congratulations! I adore Your Great Year!

vera Wow! Thanks a lot Rafal! :-)

freyr Congratulations!

vera Thank you Freyr! :-)

Artur Łobocki Congratulations @vera
Fantastic project and your story it's so true. I think this is the story of most of the tookapic members. 😁

vera Thank you so much Artlobo! And thank you also for you beautiful and inspiring photos!

Jon Scott Congratulations @vera. Great year. Looking forward to seeing more.

vera Thanks a lot Jon! I'll try to continue sometimes, but I won't be so active in Tookapic I think...

Katrina Yu Ohhh my!! Congratulations Vera!!! It had been such an amazing journey indeed! I am happy that you had found great happiness with yourself and others in this project. Really huge congratulations to you and thank you always for sharing your positivity.
I can't stop smiling reading your long caption, your energy is very touching! xx

vera Thank you very much Katrina! It was a pleasure to share with you ;-)

jokele My congrats, Vera. You did it :-) What a great cake! Hope to see your next photo soon ;-)

vera Thank you very much Jokele! I posted it! ;-)

Kateli Bravo !!! It was so nice to meet you properly this time !! You're a beautiful, humble and sensitive person. I know a little girl who was so proud to tell me that you're her Godmummy today ! Guess who it is ?? Hope to see you again soon... take care and keep up the photography !! Big hugs, Sue ;O)

vera :-) :-) :-) Thanks Katsue! It was so nice to meet you and spend this evening together! I laughed a lot! I rejoice next time ;-) Big hugs and... let's drink, cheers!

Katarzyna Wielochowska Great ideas, fantastic pictures - congratulations and I am waiting for more!

Comment was deleted

AP Darth Congratulations

vera Thank you AP Darth! :-)

Grace congratulations!!!

vera Thank you very much Grace! 😊

Magda Parkitna Congratulations @vera

vera Thanks a lot Magda! 😊

Magda Korzewska Vera big congrats from me. It was big pleasure to follow your project. Enjoy your success and be proud of your beautiful very artistic pictures. See you!

vera Thank you so much Magda! Thank you for your support along my project! I appreciated your comments a lot! 😊

elenagutga Congratulations, Vera!! Great project. I hope we can keep enjoying your photos. Good job! :)

vera Thank You very much for your kind words Elena! 😊

m_rudziewicz Congrats! Your project is full of great photos.

vera Thanks a lot for your kind words m_rudziewicz! :-)

Steve Karg Congratulations on 365 days of great photos! Lovely composition for 365th too!

vera Oh Thank You so much Steve! I missed your comment! I see it only now! sorry! Thank you so much for your support!😊

GaaNamiko Congratulations! :)

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