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Ron Dadoo Bravo! and Congratulations! Soon for the following and in Berne I hope... A lot of fun to discover your pictures every day

jazzie Thank you Ron!

tigg Many congratulations. You do have some good camera shops in Berne - all rather tempting when I'm there! I didn't know that there was potential meet in January ...... do tell me more ......

jazzie Thank you! The potential meeting is not yet official. Will you be here sometime? If you?l t me know I will doodle Tigg-friendly 😃

Jola Congratulations. Big round of applause :)

jazzie Thank you!

Comment was deleted

jazzie Thank you! Little beetle is waiting for the next pics as well 🐞🚕

Kasia Sokołowska Extra foto. Congratulations!!!! :)

jazzie Thank you! I should have been tookapic bokeh, but it looked ugly. The normal bokeh is quite ok too...

My Confetti Moon Congratulations on outstanding 365 journey success!!! Excellent celebration pic 😊

jazzie Thank you! You are one of my biggest fans. This means a lot to me!

Magda Korzewska Jazzie big congratulations! It was a pleasure to follow your project. I fell in love with your picture taken in Siena, waiting for more.

jazzie Thank you! I like that one as well, and Siena is a very special and inspiring place!

noun Congratulations! Beautiful work all over this year! I hope to see you tomorow!

jazzie Thank you! I think you will - I just can not imagine to leave home without a camera tomorrow. Uploading a pic a day has become as normal as brushing my teeth 😃

Roman Czarny Congratulations I am very pleased to know you and share with you the passion

jazzie Thank you! This is what tookapic is: we are all sharing one passion!

Kazziz Yeyeyeyeyeaaaaaaaaaah bravo bravo! See You tomorrow!

jazzie Thank you 😃

tania Congratulations Jazzie ! Your project is super and I'm looking forward to meeting you... in Bern or around... in January or Feb. Bravo and nice pic for that day !

jazzie Thank you! I will write you because of the doodle

Hanna Gawrychowska congratulations Jazzie - I love your project - especially like pic of your little beetle
see you the next 365 photos

jazzie The beetle and I say thank you!

Satoshi T I always enjoy your detail of saxophone, Swiss trains and adventure of your lovely yellow beetle! Big congratulations Jazzie!

jazzie I'm happy to have you as one of my biggest fans, thank you for following, commenting and liking my pics almost from day one!

aldabwoods Congratulations! I see you haven't stopped yet. What is your goal now?

jazzie Thank you! I don't know. 400... 500... No, seriously. I admire the people who have these consistent projects, I started at least two during this year (little beetle, black-and-white-and-square). But I think I am just not the type of photographer who has a certain project like only doing pics of one subject or in certain colors. In the last three pics I tried to get some winter colors into my photography, let's see how long I can maintain this :)

WK Fan I can fully understand and feel exactly the same as you when watching this photo and reading the description below. Really happy that just finish the 365th photo. Congratulation!
By the way, the color of your photos are so great. I enjoy it a lot! :)

jazzie Thank you :)

Magda Parkitna Congratulations @jazzie! That was a good photo year. I am waiting for next your photos.

jazzie Thank you Magda!

Lucjan Lubaszka Congratulations jazzie!

jazzie Thank you!

Steve Karg Congratulations on 365 days of lovely photos!

jazzie Thank you, Steve! And thanks for the many likes you gave my pics 😊

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