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Piotr Łaskawski Interesting:)

Ewa Kudlaty I need to show my daughter. Superb!

ludwickad Wow thats very interesting :)

jewels Great way to learn a new language! I like how those kanjis look like pine trees :-)

Anne Does it mean trees in general or only the coniferous trees? :)

Satoshi T In General @Anne . Not only coniferous but also hardwoods :D

Anne Thanks :) Great idea to remember words! I really would like to learn Chinese, but I guess it's extremly difficult ;) Did you write Chinese "letters" above English words by yourself? There are amazilngly beautiful!

Katrina Yu Oh I love this!!
(You have so many miniature christmas trees too Satoshi!)
But if you really want to say the word "forest" then you need to use the two characters 森 and 林 together like this: 森林, in Chinese it means "forest".

Or another one to add to your trees is adding 火 (fire) to 林 beneath it. 焚 shows a fire burning the woods meaning burn.

freyr Since I've had one semester of Chinese lessons last year... I really admire all the people, that are able to write Chinese characters (I mean both natives and non-natives)! I can remember... literally nothing - only pinyin :D

jokele Ahh your newest project- Japanese for beginners :-) Cool idea!

Yumi Miyazaki Nice nice nice. Not to mention that trees is a surname in chinese too!

Marzenka Thank you for the lesson :)

Ron Dadoo excellent! 森

Hanna Gawrychowska wow
you are master of creativity

Magda Korzewska I like it a lot!

Eva Lovely! When I read a translated japanese book, I always think about how much got missed with translation: one should be able to understand every language to understand fully a piece of literature!
Btw very nice idea, Satoshi. Bravo!

Agnieszka Wichrowska So cool Satoshi... I live IT:-):-):-):-)

Roman Czarny Fantastic photo
:-) :-) :-)
Superb. We ask for more, and once we learn it, we visit you

Daniel Zaleski This is so cool, thank you for sharing!

jayce Thanks for this Satoshi, really great to learn this! Your language shows a much more pragmatic approach than ours in Europe, at least through this example 😉

Kazziz Seems logical. Like German language.
And Google Translate proves You're right.

NitaR Love it!

Wioleta wow cool graphics

Chen YiZhou nice one! i could be your chinese teacher, lol

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Super creative! :)

freyr I'm waiting for your alternative 365 project "Languages with Satoshi" :D

Boczek I love the idea! Waiting for more! :D

mmargo Thx!! It's really great idea! I hope learn it from U:)

Natalie Oh, that makes a lot of sense! I always saw "pictures" in Japanese hieroglyphs (although I don't know much of the language) and thought "why do I see them?" Now it makes sense :) They are pictures with meanings indeed :) Thank you for the explanation, Satoshi!

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