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azumac wow, what a sight!

Roman Czarny Wow ameizing sky and beautiful photo

bvphotosnap Much appreciated Roman, thank you!

Satoshi T Wow, Great sky show! How many times can you see Aurora from your house?

bvphotosnap Thank you @Satoshi! Actually the last time was May 2016 - "Backyard odyessy" I usually look every night but I don't often see it in town so it must be fairly bright in order for me to see it with the light pollution.

Satoshi T Oh! about 1time per year. It is a precious opportunity. I hope there is something like a PL filter through the light pollution.

bvphotosnap I think it happens more times than that but it would have to be fairly strong in order for me to see it from within the city. Plus it's supposed to be more visible between 1-4 am, sometimes I don't stay up that late ;) I have never thought of a PL filter, hmmm if I can remember I will definitely try that next time, thanks @Satoshi for pointing that out, could be very interesting experiment! ☺

Satoshi T Since the conditions differ between the daytime and the aurora, I think that I do not know without experimenting... but I think when you use PL filter the at night you have pollution , and if you can see stars more clearly, it is effective for aurora too.

jaya narayan Amazing photograph! I have been wanting to make a trip to see this for a long time now!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @nestincolours! It's much better if you have a good foreground subject, no moonlight and no city lights ☺

craig Wow we call it the Northern lights, as it is only ever seen up north. I would love to see this! Fantastic shot!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @craig! We also call it the Northern Lights ☺

Grace Soooo awesome!!! I am so jealous you can see this from your window!! Still trying to chase a night where I can see the aurora australis, our southern hemisphere version but haven't had the conditions align so far. Always seems to be cloudy when it's on haha.

Tomasz Dolata This is an amazing phenomenon, I have never seen it in my life...The closest we have to Norway is to observe the aurora :/ You showed it beautifully @bvphotosnap :)

bvphotosnap Thank you so much @Tomasz!! The aurora has never been where you live? I hope that you get a chance to see it in person at least once, it is very different in real time other than in a photo. ☺

Romain OMG.... now I'm jealous.... The aurora borealis is one of the things I would like to see once in my lifetime...
Here is an interesting site

bvphotosnap Thank you @Romain! Don't forget we just had snow April 2 :D I would love to have beautiful flowers growing like yours right about now ☺Thanks for that link, I've bookmarked it, I had another site that I use but gave up because the weather seems to never co-operate :/

Magda Korzewska This is my dream to see it in reality. Great shot.

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @Magda! I hope that you do indeed get the chance to see this in person, taking pictures with your own camera of this event is a real learning experience ☺

azral wow! amazing sight (I'm jealous ;) ) and great photo!

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @azral! I think it also comes with the cold climate ;)

jayce Wow this is a fantastic photo ! I have never seen this phenomenon in real condition like you did this remains a situation I would like to live once. I am wondering what psychological sensation it brings to see so unreal colors all around at night.

bvphotosnap Thank you so much Jayce! I have actually seen the pinks and purples with the green in real life but did not get pictures of it. To me seeing this is the same as when I saw the Rocky Mountains for the very first time- awe inspiring! Time stops when you see it, the lights change continuously, expanding, diminishing and then all of a sudden 1.5 hours have passed in what seems like a couple of minutes. ☺

jokele Wow! Amazing.

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @jokele!

freyr Stunning! I'm so jealous right now! :D

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @freyr!

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