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Gosia Hi! Good luck! I'm getting cold from looking at this photo :D

tania Thanks !! 6 degrees... all right no ?

craig Wow very brave Tania! Great to see you back!

tania Thanks a lot Craig ! What a pleasure !

Hanna Gawrychowska Hi @tania
I'm glad you're here again

tania Hi Hanna !! thanks thanks thanks !

Kateli You're completely crazy !!! And of course your first photo back had to have something to do with the lake !!!
So happy to see you back here !!! And looking forward to viewing your 2018 photos !
Big hugs xxooxx

tania Wait and see... thanks :)

Kazziz So good to have You back!

tania Thanks Kazziz !

noun You're mad!!!!!! But very happy to see you again!!

tania Hihi... more than you ?? Xxxx

Ron Dadoo funny place to toast! Was the drink really fresh? good luck for your new project ... ( je m'abstiens de faire un jeu ce mot sur l'endroit où tu as pris cette image)

tania Thanks a lot !! Love you too Patrick !

Comment was deleted

tania Brrrr.... thanks a lot :)

Ewa Kudlaty @tania I'm happy to see you back! All the best in your new year and life <3

tania Thanks Ewa ! all the best to you too !

jokele Wow! Welcome back, @tania :-) I'm keen seeing your photos after you recovered from your cold ;-)

tania hihi.... we'll see... we'll see.... Thanks a lot !

Magda Korzewska HI Tania, so great news. Happy to see your photos in 2018. Enjoy your project. Happy New Year!!!!

tania Thanks a lot Magda ! I'm happy to be there again !

v agnès Welcome back my dear! Cheers!! Brilliant idea, and you dared:-)

tania .... and I dared.... and I loved ! Thanks Val !

Kasia Hi @tania! Good luck! <3

tania Thanks Kasia !!!

jazzie I’m glad to see that you’re back! Happy new year, happy new project!

tania Happy new year to you Anja !! Happy to be back too....

jazzie Thank you!

Drelix You are crazy. 😁

tania Mmm.... am I ?

Rafal Laczynski Happy New Year! Welcome back Tania! 😊

tania Thanks a lot Rafal... same to you !

Artur Łobocki Welcome back @tania ;)

tania Thanks Artur !!

Nathalie Bourgeois You're crazy but great idea !!!!

tania Crazy crazy...

Marat СМЕЛО ;)))

tania Haha !

Satoshi T Oh, welcome back @tania ! and I pray that your picture of tomorrow is not a medicine pic!

tania Atchoum !! thanks Satoshi.... we'll see ;)

Etherliana ahahah great picture!
I congratulate you.
great new year Tania

tania Thanks a lot Etherliana...

R. Dennis This is classic! I love it.

tania Thanks Mister !

Andrew Maximov are you Candice Neistat? you're quite similar

tania Sorry no.... just Tania

Margie Fabulous in so many ways! You are such a strong woman and I admire you! I wish you a happy new year!

tania Thanks so much. I wish you also a very happy new year. And all the best !

Comment was deleted

tania Thanks Tatiana !

vera Bravo Tania!!!!👍🏼👏🏻😘 I'm so happy to see you again on Tookapic my friend!!! Have fun! This pic confirm us: You're not a chilly woman!😉💫🍾🥂

tania Hihi... I'm sure I will...
Thanks a lot dear Vera ! ❤️

Piotr Good to see You back and and looking forward to viewing your's great photos!

tania Olala... pressure... we'll see and I'll do my best. Thanks Piotr. Have a good day.

Roman Czarny Happy New Year for you too

tania Thanks Roman. The best for you !

mrs Foch It is really crazy:D Good luck!

tania It was... but so satisfying ! Thanks a lot !

Clou Media You area crazy!

tania Maybe a little bit ;)

Comment was deleted

tania Oh thanks a lot Agnieszka ! Happy new year too !

jewels Welcome back Tania :-)

tania Thanks Julie :)

Danuta OMG bravo !!!! :D ...New-year fantasy has been in motion , congratulates courage and wish you all the best in the New Year ! :)

tania Thanks a lot Danuta ! Glad you my fantasy ! All the best to you too... :)

Danuta Thank you Tania :) !!!!

Anne Crazy!!! :D I love this picture ;)

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