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Rafal Beautiful! We call it geoda in polish

Margie Geode in English. Biggest one I ever saw!!

Satoshi T Oh thanks @Rafal and @Margie ! It is biggest geoda=geode for me.

Dorota Szypicyn Cave in your size, Great!

Satoshi T спасибо ! It's so large @Dorota !

Ron Dadoo hahaha a satoshi egg !

Satoshi T Am I a dinosaur? :-)

Ron Dadoo ahaha Yes! As some on tookapic! ... in French: being a dinosaur, is a person in place for a long time ...

Satoshi T haha nice. We also call 'fossil' for old people who is not flexible...

Ron Dadoo with us too ;-) but the dinosaurs are still very flexible!

Ian Prince Cute :)

Satoshi T Thanks @Ian ! :)

Rafal Laczynski :-)))))) Great!

Satoshi T Thanks @Rafal :))

maggaglen Fajne,a poduszka musi być 😁

Satoshi T tak! Poduszka musi być za mój tyłek! 😁 Thanks @maggaglen !

maggaglen Musi musi bo by pokuło 😂

Nutt Excellent!

Satoshi T Thanks! @Nutt !

mathilde24 Trop drôle et confortable ?

Satoshi T confortable sans mon dos 😁! Merci, @mathilde24 !

vera Cool!

Satoshi T Thanks!

tigg Now this is different - I would probably think unique!

Satoshi T Funny things happen when you do not plan! Thanks @tigg !

Krzysztof Baczyński Ha, ha! Nie była aż taka duża!!!

Satoshi T Tylko ja mogę do tego! 😁 Thanks, @Krzysztof

Danuta Egg with a surprise in the middle :D ... wow huge mineral!

Satoshi T It's an interesting experience. Thanks @Danuta !

Kazzi Satoshi, You're an insanely beautiful human being - and I'm not referring to Your visual looks :) be Yourself, stay Yourself!

Satoshi T AreK deleted his account and all photos from here maybe he is like him. but I wish I am myself with staying Tookapic.
Thank you @Kazzi !

120mr Love the smile!

Satoshi T Thank you @120mr !

Roman Czarny Amazing shot

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman !

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