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Tiljans So cute! 😄

Satoshi T Thanks @Tiljans ! 😄

jazzie It's weirdly elegant! 😄

Satoshi T Thanks @jazzie ! 😄

v agnès Hi hi! We've here a local political man whose ties are always figuring cats. So...

Satoshi T Oh, you have such a person? funny! Thanks @v !

olga.kosinska Great idea! and perfect pic.

vera Ah excellent! Creative !... and elegant !

Satoshi T Oh you feel elegance? Thank you @vera ! 😄

vera Or may I say a humoristic elegance... ? ^^

Hanna Gawrychowska it's great idea - I admire your creativity

Satoshi T Thanks @Hanna !😄

Ola Powajbo great idea :-)

Satoshi T Thanks @Ola ! 😄

jayce Oh yes excellent Satoshi ! Without seeing your name associated to the photo we can recognize your trademark here

Satoshi T Oh thank you for your kind words, @jayce !

Urszula Stachowicz The best tie I've ever seen. Excellent idea. :D And of course: the cat. :D

Satoshi T I also love your mask and great ideas! Thank you @Ula-stachowicz !

m_rudziewicz very chic! :)

Satoshi T Thank you @m_rudziewicz !😄

Katrina Yu I think it's a genius of you!

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Katrina !

Marta At first I didn't see the cat :) it's adorable :)

Satoshi T He likes hide and seek. Thanks @Marta !😄

Etherliana Perfect !
Elegant, funny, creative and there is a cat here ;) <3

Satoshi T Thank you for your kind words, @Etherliana ! 😄

Damian Cichy Catmagedon :p

Satoshi T Thank you @Damian ! 😄

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Actually I had same idea -cat with bow- at first. While trying, this idea came to me and I changed. Thank you @agnieszka_mw !😄

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you @pbuzdygan !😄

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T If I were you, I might do this with a model plane. Thank you @anoczka !😄

Michał Your ideas are just awsome! Though I think this one could not be properly understood without knowing the tookapic context ;)

Satoshi T Haha, surely. 😄 I am making some pic of this series on the premise that watcher knows the context of Tookapic. Thanks @Michał !

mathilde24 Très élégant. Parfait avec le nouveau sourire😁

120mr So awesome!

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