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Viola Qniej happy New Year 2018, Ian! ☺☺

Ian Prince Happy New Year to you too Viola

noun Happy new year Ian and Oscar!

Ian Prince Thanks. Happy New Year to you Patrick and Kiki 😁

tigg You are both brave and fortunate, I think.

Ian Prince Fortunate, certainly.

Satoshi T Happy new year Ian and Oscar!

Ian Prince Thank you Satoshi! All the best my dear friend.

Lauren Huston Your portraits are brilliant Ian, I'm really glad you found the thing you love. :)

Ian Prince Well thank you Lauren :)

Comment was deleted

Ian Prince Happy New Year Beata :)

mathilde24 Merci pour toutes ces belles photos et douce nouvelle année

Ian Prince Merci, merci. Une très belle année 2018 à toi Mathilde

vera Thank you! Happy New Year Ian! I'm looking forward to seeing the next portraits! I love the portraits in low key that you made too!😃

vera Oh... I mean the portraits with dark background... I think it's not exactly low key!😋

Ian Prince Thanks! You might be right....low-key portraits are something I want to experiment with this year! So if you’re ever in Nyon... ;)

vera 🤣😉 it could happen!

Ian Prince 😀😀

Urszula Stachowicz Yep, I like portraits as well :) And this one is great - love the colors and subtlety :)

Ian Prince Thanks Urszula :)

dzz Lovely photo!

Ian Prince Thanks!

Katrina Yu Can't wait to see more portraits from you. It's a beautiful delicate art. The deeper the connection the photographer has with the subject the more intimate the look it gives. Just like this one of Oscar's, it's full of love...for you! And that's amazing.

Ian Prince I'm touched that you see that Katrina <3

v agnès Your portraits have ce petit quelque chose, looking forward to seeing more. Oscar and Eva are superbly present here. Happy new year!

Ian Prince Oh, thank you Valérie <3 Happy new year to you too...from Verbier :)

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