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Ian Prince She is :)

Rafal Laczynski Wow! Congratulations 3x365! a beautiful portrait of Eva! ⭐️

Ian Prince Thanks Rafal!


Ian Prince Thanks!

Ewa Kudlaty Next year and next contratulations! <3

Viola Qniej yeah, finally! she's beautiful :) congratulations on your 3x365, Ian!

Ian Prince Thanks <3 Here's to our fourth :)

Basia congratulation 3x365 and beautiful daughter:)

Ian Prince Thanks :)

wkaleniecki contratulation!

Ian Prince Thanks :)

Ian Prince Thanks :) Can't seem to be able to catch you up though ;)

noun Congratulations Ian! What so nice pics all over these three years!

Ian Prince Thanks Anne :) Amazing how time flies...

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Ian Prince Thanks Łukasz

Lesley She’s so beautiful!

Michał Great 3rd year ending! Congratulations and I hope to see you tomorrow, of course :)

Ian Prince Thanks. One day at a time :)

Kazziz You did it again! <3

Ian Prince Yeah <3

Margie Beautiful lighting on a lovely face. You must be proud of her.

Ian Prince Thank, I am indeed :)

Artur Łobocki Congrats @Ian
See you tomorrow?! ;)

Ian Prince Thanks Artur. For sure :)

Comment was deleted

Ian Prince Thanks Agnieszka! Nice to hear you can find inspiration from some of my pics 😊

Comment was deleted

Ian Prince Thanks, but that’s more their Mum than me 😊

vera congrats Ian for your beautiful project, this beautiful portrait, and what a beautiful girl! 😃🤩

Ian Prince Thanks Vera :)

Wojciech gratulacje :)

Ian Prince Thanks !

Magda Korzewska Congratulations Ian, what a year full of great photos. Have you seen your summary? It is stunnig. You should be proud of yourself.

Ian Prince Thanks Magda! Just love those summaries :)

Kateli Wowi ! Three full years on tookapic ! Tremendous achievement ! Bravo !

Ian Prince Times flies...thanks Kate :)

Katrina Yu Congratulations on year 3, Ian!!!! It was a grand year!!!

Ian Prince Thanks Katrina <3 On a personal level it was actually quite a tough year...but somehow my photos often come out better for that. Still not sure how that works....

Katrina Yu Oh. I really know what you mean, Ian. The more difficult it is for me the "creative" my work is. Guess this project is indeed therapy! May your 2018 be full of blessings. <3

Ian Prince Comforting to know I'm not that strange after all :) And thank you dear Katrina, may yours be too <3

craig Wonderful portrait!

craig Just noticed it is your 3rd year post as well! Congratulations!

Ian Prince Thanks Craig. I had forgotten about the leap-year in 2016, so I actually thought it was the 31st.... Oh well :)

mrs Foch Congratulations!

Ian Prince Thanks!

Satoshi T Congratulations 365x3 for Ian and Tu es belle Eva!

Ian Prince Thanks Satoshi! Eva is blushing ☺️

Kwiacioland Gratulacje .

Ian Prince Thanks!

Gogi Golzman congratulations ian!!! love your project =] & your beautiful country!

Ian Prince Thank you very much Gogi :)

Ron Dadoo wawaw! pour la fille bien sûr, pour la photo et pour performance dans le temps! bravo Ian :-)

Ian Prince Merci Patrick :)

Michael Gatton Wow, year three and going strong still. Nice work Ian, congratulations! Great portrait to mark the occasion.

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