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NatZ Pfiou! 👍😊

120mr Nice purple shutters ;) Is this Tookapic Swiss headquarters?

Ron Dadoo haha yes... maybe....

Paweł Kadysz I'm glad that this is just a change of format and not a goodbye. Must feel weird to take a photo in a portrait orientation after so many panoramic images ;)

Ron Dadoo oh yes... a lot to work again in the future, ;-)

vera Ouf!!!🎉🎉🎉

Ron Dadoo !!! Fou

calb Oh yay! I understand now. That’s ok 👍

Edward Chang I’ll miss your photos and your comment! Good luck!

Ron Dadoo hmmm...

noun Ouf!! J'ai eu gros peur!!

Ron Dadoo moi aussi...

noun And how was it to think a pic in an other frame?

Ron Dadoo super facile.... chuis du genre assez doué comme gars!

noun Et modeste! ;-)

Magda Korzewska I can imagine how difficult it was 850 pictures in one format. Enjoy your new project Patrick.

Ron Dadoo sometimes, indeed, some ideas were impossible to realize ... a little frustrating ... but now I am FREE!

myno Ça sentait le phoenix. .

Ron Dadoo haha bien trouvé, un peu une odeur de cramé?

jokele You can not shock us like that! Funny :-D

Ron Dadoo but yes! ;.)

jokele I see :-D

Comment was deleted

Ron Dadoo thank you Beata, it really makes me happy!

Satoshi T Oh nice return with Purple shutters! I am glad to hear you will continue!!

Ron Dadoo thank you for doubting :-)

Lesley 🙂🙂🙂

Ron Dadoo ;-) ;-) ;-)

Kazziz Ha ha.

Ron Dadoo he he !

Ian Prince I remember giving up on a series of 4:3 shots after "just" 100 or so in a row. So congratulations on making it to 850!!! That said change is always good, so looking forward to seeing how you get on without the self-imposed constraint :)

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