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Zenon Drobiński Double congratulations! 😀

jokele Double Thank you :-D

littlehuman Oh, I love your photos so much! But you know it :D I admire your work with photography and postprocessing. Congratulations! I wish you endless ideas :)

jokele Thank you so much, @littlehuman! I'll sent you some strawberries :-D

tania Perfection ! Well done !

jokele Thanks a lot, @tania!

craig Congratulations

jokele Thank you, @craig :-) I've just realized, I've missed your 1000th image!

craig I almost missed it myself :-)

maggaglen Gratulacje 🤗

jokele Thank you, @maggaglen :-D

Paweł Kropek Congratulations

jokele Thank you, @Paweł!

Marta Congratulations!😊

jokele Thank you, @Marta :-)

Filip Łannik Great job! Big congratulations!😉

jokele A big Thank you, @Filip!

jazzie congrats! great maths!

jokele Thanks, @jazzie. Easy maths ;-)

Weronika Super. Congratulations. 😀

jokele Thanks a lot, @Weronika :-)

Rafal Laczynski Congratulations! Two years! 👏

jokele Puhhh, Yes! Thank you, @Rafal

Magda Korzewska Big congrats Jokele, well Done!

jokele Big Thank you, @Magda!

Hanna Gawrychowska big big congratulations
see you tommorrow 😄😄😄

jokele See you today :-D Thanks, @Hanna!

Rafał Bolko Congratulations :)

jokele Thank you, @Rafał :-D

Monika Fabcia Gratulacje 🖒🖒🖒

jokele dziękuję @Monika!

Daniel Borth Wow Congratulations !!! Keep going :)

jokele I will :-D Thanks, @Daniel

Lido Congratulations 💐seeyou tomorrow🌸your photos are great to watch😀

jokele Thank you very much, @Lido :-)

robert_wisniewski Congratulations!!!

KasiaM Wow :) Congratulations! :)

jokele Thank you, @KasiaM!

Comment was deleted

jokele See you soon ;-) Thanks, @creonphotography

Aga Ka congratulations!

jokele Take a photo! Upload it! Repeat it 365 times! :-D Thank you, @Aga

Kateli Congratulations !!!!

jokele Thanks a lot, @Kateli!

Viola Qniej wow! congrats!

jokele 1223 is wow! :-D Thanks, @ultraviolet

Basia congrats!!!

jokele Thank you, @Basia :-)

Comment was deleted

jokele Yeah, see you today :-) Thank you, @reneekorozo

Michał Awesome! Congratulations!

jokele Thank you, @Michał :-)

vera See you tomorrow with great pleasure!! Congratulations!!!

jokele Thanks a lot, @vera!

Etherliana Big congratulations! :D:*

jokele Big Thank you, @Etherliana!

jewels Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hopefully the lovely Josy 😀

jokele I'm sorry, you see Josy today. I have a different plan for today. But soon, I promise :-) Thanks, @jewels!

Roman Czarny Big congratulations

jokele Thanks a lot for your support, @Roman! I'm awaiting no. 900 :-D

Romanos Kalamatianos Congratulations! On to the third.

jokele It starts today ;-) Thank you, @Romanos!

Lesley Congrats!

jokele Thank you, @Lesley :-)

Kingusia Congratulations!!!! : - )

jokele Thank you, @Kingusia :-)

Krystian Łupieżowiec Congratulations 😀😀😀

jokele Thank you, @Krystian 😀😀😀

AP Darth congratulations!

jokele Thank you, @AP!

Satoshi T I think it's best 'camera gear' too! Double congratulations @jokele !

jokele Double Thank you, @Satoshi !

Ron Dadoo bravo Jokele! what pleasure your images!

jokele Thanks a lot, @Ron :-)

NatZ Congratulations!!

jokele Thank you, @NatZ!

Magda Parkitna Congrats. This is a great job.

jokele 55 days left, @Magda ;-) Thank you!

Michał Wujol Congratulations! :D

jokele Thank you :-)

v agnès Congratulations!!!!!!

jokele Thanks a lot, @v!

Margie Congratulations! I enjoy your work!

jokele Thank you very much, @Margie :-)

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