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tania Bravo bravo ! Go go go ;)

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

Basia おめでとう!

Satoshi T ありがとう 😃!

jazzie Amazing! Congrats!

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

vera Oh fantastic Satoshi! Congratulations for your 1000!!!! and this suggestive and subtil pic! 😉

Satoshi T Oh Thank you so much 😃!

Rafal Laczynski Wow! Congratulations! 👏👏👏

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

Dayana Sssuuuper, congratsss 😃👌🏼

Satoshi T Ooh! Thank you 😃!

Jan Pinkosz There is something to celebrate... Congratulations for a great result! :) 👏

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

Marta 1000!😳 Such an impressive achievement! Congratulations!!!😀 Your photos are amazing and show so many diverse views of nature, architecture, technology, culture and life, and of your life, too. Not to mention your miniature constructions😀 It's wonderful to read that you keep on going😀

Satoshi T I am really enjoying being able to share the present feeling with people around the world on this site. Thank you😃!

Krzysztof Maciejewski Wow, that is really something great! Congratulations!

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

Szymon Maciejczyk Congrats !!!

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

NatZ It is a long way done with such interesting photographs. Congratulations!

Satoshi T Thank you 😃!

Lesley You inspire me & put a smile on my face so often by your photographic style. I love it. I always look forward to what you will share. I hope to develop a style some day.

Satoshi T A style will be born while continuing! It may be the same as growing cabbage😉 Thank you!

jagat Congratulations ! Do you collect Märklin toy trains ?

Satoshi T Yes!! I love European train models:"Roofs" . Thank you Jagat!

tigg Congratulations indeed. I have followed you for most of the 1000, I think, and I am in complete awe as to your commitment to the site. You are generous with your comments, encouraging with your words, and as a result you are very popular on this site. Much deserved. Your photographs are interesting and good too, of course. Onwards and upwards!

Satoshi T Actually, I am shy and not persistent. However I was able to keep on this long, I think that everyone is so kind and this site is so exciting and comfortable!! Thank you so much for your kind words Tigg!

val Congratulations Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you Val😃!

Magda Parkitna Big congrats!!!!!! Yes, you did it🤗

Satoshi T Yeah! Thank you Magda😃!

120mr Already 1000, congrats!

Satoshi T Thank you 120mr😃!

120mr And great idea!

Satoshi T Dziękuję!!

Etherliana Congratulations Satoshi!! Bravo!😘

Satoshi T Thank you Etherliana😃!

Lauren Huston Congratulations!

Satoshi T Thank you Lauren😃!

Lido Congratulations 1000 pictures, we all have some problems .... some passions .... It does not matter on which continent we live .... Our common passion is photography .... And it is wonderful. Best wishes.

撮影した1,000枚の写真をおめでとう、私たちはすべて問題を抱えています....いくつかの情熱....私たちがどんな大陸に住んでいるかは関係ありません....私たちの共通の情熱は写真です。 最高の願い。:)

Satoshi T Certainly we have problems. However, I think that it is a real life to progress little by little while having problems. Fortunately, we have a common platform called Tookapic that allows us to share pictures of everyday life across the continent and talk with each other. Let's continue to sublime passion for photography to communication!

Zdecydowanie mamy probremy. Uważam jednak, że prawdziwym życiem jest postępować stopniowo, mając problemy. Na szczęście mamy wspólną platformę o nazwie Tookapic, która pozwala nam dzielić się zdjęciami z życia codziennego i rozmawiać ze sobą! Kontynuujmy wysublimowaną pasję fotografowania do komunikacji. Pozdrawiam😃

Lido 🌸👍😗🦉🌷

Margie Satoshi, a star for you to mark this incredible milestone. Tookapic would not be the same without you. Your involvement, kindness, and interest help us all in our work. You are quite a talent and a wonderful person as well. Congratulations to you!

Satoshi T So many thanks for your kind words Margie!

Weronika Gratuluję bardzo 😀

Satoshi T Dziękuję Ci bardzo Weronika😃!

Bruce Wow, congratulations on 1000! That's amazing! :-) Great work! :-)

Satoshi T Yeah! Thank you so much Bruce😃!

Urszula Stachowicz I'm so glad you're staying :D Huuuge congrats, Satoshi! :):)

Satoshi T I can't stop this activity. I may be addicted as well as you.😄Thanks so much Ula!

mina juveler Congratulations!

Satoshi T Thank you mina😃!

Kasia Congratulations!!!! 1000 photos :-) It's impressive.

Satoshi T Thank you Kasia😃 and Congratulations for your 365 photos too 😃!

superczapla Congratulations for your 1000 !!! That is amazing :) !!!

Satoshi T Thank you superczapla😃!!

Artur Łobocki Congratulations @Satoshi

Satoshi T Thank you Artur! and I think you will reach 1000 in next month!

Artur Łobocki I hope so :)

Marta Congratulations :D

Ron Dadoo haha! Bravo congratulatIOOOns M. Satoshi !!

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