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Krzysztof Maciejewski Ha ha ha! Great! :-)

Michel Neufeld Thanks Krzysztof !

Zenon Drobiński Looking great :)

Michel Neufeld I am not afraid to look really ridiculous ! Thanks Zenon !

Marta This is the best, hilarious idea and great photo! Love your sense of humour!😀

Michel Neufeld Dear Marta, I love to laugh with very "simple" things ! Thanks !

v agnès Oh Michel I love your hat-serie!!!!!

Michel Neufeld Thanks v-agnès ! You really could say that I have a bee in my bonnet !

Lesley 🙂 really cute!

Michel Neufeld Thank you Lesley, I appreciate !

vera 🤣🤣🤣

Michel Neufeld Thank you Vera ! Laugh is health !

rudziiia Very funny :)

Michel Neufeld I laugh when I found an absurd idea ! Thank you Rudziiia !

rudziiia star :)

myno Great!!

Michel Neufeld Thank you Myno !

Michel Neufeld What am I going to find for the tomorrow pic ? That is a terrible anxiety provoking existentiel question Robert !

Comment was deleted

Rafal Best of this hat series

Michel Neufeld You know Rafal ! I am afraid to fall in one of these hats ! I have to consult a shrink ...! Thanks for your encouragement !

Hanna Gawrychowska ha ha ha superb

Michel Neufeld You make feel good Hanna G, I was scared to look more and more stupid ! Thank you very much !

Hanna Gawrychowska Your portrait is great - IMO it’s the best photo of week theme. I like it and like your sense of humour

craig lol best one yet! :-)

Michel Neufeld Dear Craig, I will try to find more hats, but it's not easy ! Thanks for your message !

Urszula Stachowicz This summer hat is crazy, I love it :D

Michel Neufeld Your are very polite, my dearest Urszula to say that the summer hat is crazy, I try a little bit to master my own crazyness ! Thank you so much indeed !

eventide Genius! Do you have summer skis, snow boots, gloves and sled too? :D
You have fantastic sense of humour! :D

tania Haha

Michel Neufeld Hihi Hello ! Thanks Tania !💂🏻‍♂️

Vincent Génial !! :D

Michel Neufeld Merci mon cher Vincent ! J'ai apprécié la précision parfaite de ta photo !

Vincent Merci Michel ! Ta photo m'a simplement donné un super sourire ! Il y a plein de joie que tu communiques à travers elle :D !

Michel Neufeld J'en suis touché 👍 !

Beatrix Brunetti De mieux en mieux !

Michel Neufeld C’est la chaleur !

Weronika Perfectly 😀😀

Michel Neufeld Thank you so much Weronika !

Grigory 🤣🤣

Michel Neufeld Thanks I still laugh myself !

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