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Tell Your Story, the Unfiltered and Human Way

Tookapic is a 365-day photo-sharing platform that encourages you to not only remember the extraordinary days, but to also give thanks to the beautiful, ordinary days in between.

Day 869
Silas Q
Silas, continuing to take in his surroundings.
Day 858
Monday Morning Sky
Day 502
Day 90
[your hair smells like blooming hawthorn]
Day 1,230
Duty and Play
Heading over to socialize with the kids. Don't want to, but they do. So we compromise, and I go... but only for a bit.
Day 504
#504 Graduation Evening
This is an image of the High School Band playing before our grandchild's outdoor graduation. You can see the white chairs to t...
Day 1,326
Bye bye monuments week
#church #bye #bye-bye-last-week #toy-cat #figure
Day 870
I have bird pics from my outing today but changing it up.
Day 869
Eastern towhee.
Day 639
Going To Work
Day 1,232
Day 142
Vacation Day 8: Freezing Cold with Rain
Well, no seeing the Grand Canyon today. Did get to the Visitor’s Center along with everyone else in the park....
Day 20
Dandelion are everywhere ...
Day 92
little birds have fast hearts
Day 869
Chillout 2
Day 1,600
narrow-gauge ride, cool!
Day 1,358
Blipfoto friend
Visiting us for 24 hours
Day 739
Day 798