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Want to work at tookapic? We're hiring!

The time has come when I'm not able to manage the site and the community by my own anymore. I'm looking for someone to help me with it.

The site and the product is being taken care of. But that's the problem. I am a product person. I'm good at building stuff. Not at marketing it. The management/marketing part can be improved a lot. That's why...

I'm looking for... a hustler - a combination of a sales, PR manager and marketer. Someone who will bring people, customers and brands to tookapic. Someone who will take over the management and growth.


  • very good english (written & spoken)
  • experience in sales or marketing
  • "people" person - I'm an introverted sociopath. I'm looking for the opposite to what I am


  • finding new customers for our Stock Photos
  • partnerships with brands (photography related)
  • organizing meetups and workshops
  • spreading the word about tookapic and the idea of 365 projects
  • PR


  • to be discussed privately (but if you're looking for thousands of dollars for start - it's not for you. However, I'd be happy to pay you millions when the site grows).
  • I'm willing to share equity at some point.


If you want to take the best online community to the next level and make it a global sensation (we're now a local sensation ;) - let me know at

If it's not for you, maybe you know someone who'd be perfect for this kind of job. Let me know as well.


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