how many people here

How many people are now using tookapic after all those changes ?


Łukasz Brożek ...and how many people leave Tookapic since then?

Ian Prince Well there's were 500'000 photos total photos at the end of the year, and now 512'815 according to the number in the footer. So my guess is somewhere between 250 and 300 of us posting daily. I think there were approximately double that before, but those that stopped were less active in commenting. Quality over quantity is always a good thing :)

agnieszka bladzik top secret data ;)

Ginger Not quantity but quality matters 😊

agnieszka bladzik not true to the end. if there will be no increase in no of people I don't think the payments made by the users will be enough to keep tookapic alive

Paweł Kadysz Tookapic was never mainstream and it never will be. The number of people who left is lower than I expected. What's interesting is that the number of photos published dropped a lot, number of likes dropped as well, but the number of comments didn't move a bit. Which basically means that those who stayed are the ones that make Tookapic worth staying.

Let me just say, during the whole first year of Tookapic people uploaded 28K photos. In 2018, we'll pass this number at the end of February. So it's really not that bad.

Tomek Zimnocho So around 500 active users. Not bad :)

Jan Buchta Now I just wondering how many people stopped publishing or leave Tookapic when they finished their project 365.? I saw few profiles last time where picture number 365 was the last post.

Paweł Kadysz When Tookapic was free to use 89% of people continued after first year. It’ll drop now but to get actual percentage we need to wait a year.

pgrab I am still here. Soo we gonna count or what? ;)

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Joe Fortin I'm still here. Going to be here for a long time to come.