Competitions - Konkursy

Colleagues for some time I'm sending some of my work for some different photo contests and probably many of you do it too. Maybe Tookapic should have such contests also, it could include contents for photo of the week, of the month and finally of the year.

We can obviously tag photo as favorite of the day and there are feature photos but...

I am eager to pay a little extra money for it too. After tagging the photo as a "competition" other contestants or judges selected by us, would rate the theme,

performance, creativity, viewership etc. Feedback be also provided, so constentant would know what do improve next time.

Perhaps such contests would attract new participants

What do you say?

Koleżanki i Koledzy od jakiegoś czasu niektóre swoje prace wysyłam na jakieś różne konkursy fotograficzne i pewnie wielu z Was też to robi. Może powinniśmy mieć u nas w Tookapic również takie konkursy może zdjęcie tygodnia miesiąca i wreszcie roku.

Mamy oczywiści zdjęcia ulubione zdjęcia dnia i zdjęcia wyróżnione i to dobrze ale ...

Ja chętnie wyłożę trochę dodatkowych pieniędzy żeby np. otagować zdjęcie jako konkursowe a inni konkursowicze lub wybrane z pośród Nas jury oceniło by temat, wykonanie, kreatywność, oglądalność itp.

  • potrzebna jest również informacja zwrotna co poszło nie tak co trzeba jeszcze poprawić.

Może takie konkursy przyciągnły by nowych uczestników

Co Wy na to?


eventide I'm not sure about viewership, because there are many people who do really great photos and still have not too many viewers and likes, but it's good idea. I miss competitions here, as there was only one since I'm logged here, co - organised by Fujifilm (if I remember well).

Roman Czarny it does not have to be such criteria and the viewership is not associated with the amount of likes and hearts but the ability to move feelings and wake up emotions

Kazziz Damn, I thought it's goona be a talk where You suggest competitions to send our photos too ;-)

Kurcze, a już myślałem, że to będzie wątek, w którym dzielimy się linkami do konkursów fotograficznych wartych wysłania tam swoich zdjęć.

Joe Fortin I'm leery of competition...

I understand the value for some members of the community (an external reward for doing good), but others (including myself) this would have a negative impact to the experience.

I've joined photography clubs specifically because they do not do competitions. My experience has been that groups that have competition will, over time, become solely focused on that aspect. Eventually those with the time / resources will come to dominate, leaving no room for less skilled / less gear / less time members to compete on equal footing.

Anyhow, just my thoughts.

Kateli I follow you in your thoughts ! Tookapic doesn't need to become competitive, it would spoil the whole community.

nielama Maybe try here
It looks very similar to your concept. I'm not an enthusiast of such competitions like that because the result may depend mainly on the number of followers.

LIDO competition on our Tookapic ...... I do not think it's a good idea. I am against