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Upload bug?

Maybe it's a temporary lockdown but I'm trying to upload today's pic for the fourth time in a row and it doesn't work... On "collective" pages [stream, observed, etc.] its preview looks blank.

EDIT: download option works so it looks rather as a preview / rendering issue.


Łukasz Brożek I can't see @torero's photo "557". Instead of it I see "Loading photo...".

Another photo that doesn't work. "peets cafe"

torero I have exactly those symptoms. Besides, the same applies to "na liściu w świecie kropli" Tested on PC, mobile app and various browsers.

Marek Szymczuk This should be fixed now.

torero Now it works, thanks :)

Marcin K. If somebody asks me how the perfect support in a software company should look like, I can say, without any doubt, "TOOKAPIC!"