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Is there an app I can use this on?


Paweł Kadysz There is no app, but the mobile website works well.

unwhabidaba Thank you Pawel.

Krzysztof Widenka What is estimated date when app will be available again?

tigg Can you not bookmark the website onto your smartphone? That is how I now use it. the only downside is to have to log in every time, but that is not great hardship.

Krzysztof Widenka App was much more convinient ;)

tigg Fair comment.

leopoldkot I am using bookmark on my phone (iOS) main screen and don't need to login since I logged in the first time a month ago. Maybe there is a way to setup that bookmark to remember you (I assume it should remember "web cookies") on your phone as well.

Jan Buchta New version of mobile site is good enough, I don't need app now actually :)

Kamil Kaczor Personaly for me also the mobile app (android) was better. I hope in future app will back.

Maciej Korsan what were your favourite features of mobile app?

Kamil Kaczor No need to log in every time, very simple interface without all Tookapic functions. For viewing photos and basic actions like likes and comments imo the mobile app was better. I add photos via PC. When I'm at home, I also watch photos on a PC. But when I was at work or somewhere on the road I always used only a mobile app. Simpler, faster to use and had everything I needed. Of course, the mobile website is also well-built and I can't say anything wrong abot it, but I think that the mobile application should come back. Even in such a form as before.

Jasper Schenk Mobile web page works great :).