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Negative Likes

Anyone else receive a negative number of likes? The site is saying I got -13 likes yesterday.


Satoshi T In 'keep it up!' tile on the feed page? Me too. I guess it means 'difference from yesterday' .

Viola Qniej what? where do you find them?

Satoshi T 'Keep it up!' tile is included in the tiles displayed in 'Feed' page when you click the Tookapic logo in the upper left, or if you enter tookapic.com as url.😃

Viola Qniej aaaaaaaw! thnx, Satoshi :)

Joe Fortin Yes! in the Keep it up.

Paweł Kadysz This should not work like this. I’m adding this to the bugs list. However, @Marek is on (well deserved) vacation until January 7th and I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until then to get this fixed.

Joe Fortin No worries. Thanks for the heads up. 😁

Dave Fritz Wow, thats difficult.