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Exif data

Sorry to be a nuisance on such a tiny matter - but is the exif data on photographs still available? Clearly I have not yet found it, and to I used to look at it on other entries quite often. To see the settings used by others on their photos, especially on the more “interesting” shots, i found a great way to learn.

Thank you!


Marcin Bujacz It's still available, but on the "zoom" view of the photo.

tigg Thank you - I think I remember noticing that once, but clearly I had forgotten. Great, getting older!

Viola Qniej in my opinion, it was better when the exif was visible without additional clicking on the picture - also after a week I realised that it works like that :)

agnieszka bladzik totally agree, with new tookapic i need to click more, like in menu photos and then new page and then popular, POTD etc.

Michał Couldn't agree more :)