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Browsing photos

Is there any way here (on desktop version) to go trough following/popular/recent photos while seeing descriptions?

From the single photo page I can navigate by arrows but only in the scope of an author. I'd like to go trough all new pics like that. Or have something like old feed. Or even possibility to click on the photo to display popup. Anything ;-) I really like to read descriptions but entering each single pic and then returning to the list is a no-go for hundreds of them. And in this new grid even information if there is a description is missing.

And an option for resizing grid would be nice - like "yes, I know that page will work slower, but I like to see bigger pictures" ;-)


Marcin K. In terms of browsing...

I just wanted to note that it is cool to browse photos sorted by number of views, likes, comments, and last but not least, dates. I like this functionality.

screen capture showing the menu:

I hope @Marek had a good break :-)

Jan Buchta Yep, navigation by arrows on main page (with all new photos) would be also great. Using arrows to watching photos users profile is really comfortable.

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leopoldkot Looks like a new level of spam technology - setup payed account just to post irrelevant ads :)